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The Enlightenment Essay

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The Enlightenment
During the late 17th to 18th century there was a period known as the Enlightenment where there were many new controversial philosophical ideas on the government and politics. Some of the ideas that have come up are standard in our government and political practice in the present.
One of the great philosophers of the enlightenment period was Adam Smith and he wrote the great book of The Wealth of Nations. Adam had ideas involving the economy, which was that the economy was a self-correcting mechanism, which did not need to be regulated by the government. He wanted a capitalist system where business owners freely managed their own companies and workers could freely choose ...view middle of the document...

An example of natural rights is under a tyranny people have the natural right to a rebellion. Locke was a great spokesperson for the liberal English revolution, this affected the colonial America a lot because America was a new country that was being formed and it was being controlled by England and the Americans wanted all their freedom. Another thing that happened because of Locke was that the people of England had no say in the government and the English revolution established a constitutional government. Today in America Natural rights is a huge part of the constitution and make America a better place because people have a lot of freedom and it all had to do with John Locke’s ideas of natural rights.
The most influential woman of this period of time was Mary Wollstonecraft. Mary had some very controversial thoughts on women’s rights and she was especially critical of a society that encouraged women to be “docile and attentive to their looks to the exclusion of all else”. Mary also said the marriage was “legal prostitution “and said that women “may be convenient slaves, but slavery will have its constant effect degrading the master and the abject dependent”. Mary thought that the rights of men and women were one in the same thing and should be treated equal in a time that they rejected the idea of female...

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