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The Enlightment Essay

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Luc Saint-Preux
History 3005

The question was asked if Global society was mainly shaped by the ideas of the Enlightenment period rather than other world views i.e. religion in the 1900. I do not believe Global society was mainly shaped by Enlightenment ideas rather than religion, however I do believe that this movement has had impact on society. The Enlightenment era was based on theories that reject religion. They views of answering to a higher calling and worshipping someone who is unseen. Enlightenment theorist believed that man made their own destiny. They believed that man could make their own rules to govern themselves instead of biblical beliefs and conducts.
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However I want to focus on Enlightenment and religion. This movement wasn’t specific to Europe. It spread to other parts of the world. In the 1900 Enlightenment expanded through modern science. Again religious beliefs were tested and “Enlightened” scientist pushed theories of evolution. As stated in the question Marxism-Leninism theories in regards to Enlightenment is open to interpretation. My belief is that Karl Marx who saw himself as a scientist pushed to formulate general laws that would explain events in a rational way. He didn’t believe in heavenly intervention, chances or the divinely endowed powers of Kings. (749). Marx believed that religion perpetuated classes of social systems and wanted to end it. I believe Marx theories were borderline atheist however he didn’t believe he was. He just rejected the beliefs of religion. According to Robert Strayer “Marx believed strongly in progress, but in thinking conflict and struggle rather than reason and that education were motors of progress. The Enlightenment image of the thoughtful, rational and independent individual was fading” (749). Vladimir Ilych Lenin was a fellow communist and Enlightenment supporter. Lenin followed, and developed his own take on Marx views known as Marxism. Marx and Lenin views were different. His views became known as Leninism. Marxism-Leninism holds that religion is the opium of the people in the sense of promoting passive acceptance of suffering on earth in the hope of eternal reward. This theory advocated for the abolition of religion and the acceptance of atheism which was the basis for Lenin views...

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