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The Entity Known As The Nigerian Embassy

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The Entity known as the Nigerian Embassies.
Due to the high level of interaction between countries in our interconnected world of today, diplomatic offices are needed in each country to aid in and allow such interactions to occur. The results of these diplomatic relationships are the embassies and consulates found in cities worldwide. An embassy is the larger and more important of the two and is described as a permanent diplomatic mission which is generally located in a country's capital city. For example the United States Embassy in Canada is located in Ottawa, Ontario. Capital cities like Ottawa, Washington D.C., and London are home to nearly 200 embassies each.
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7) To establish entry visas to foreign citizens and to inform them about immigration-, residence- and work permits

In many ways, the Embassy/consulate is your 911 when overseas. Whether you’ve lost your passport, need to evacuate the country, or someone back in Nigeria needs to get in touch with you, the Embassy is your point of contact for assistance in many different situations. During a natural disaster, political upheaval, or other emergency, consular officers assist citizens with transportation, evacuation, and in keeping them safe. This is just one of the many reasons that citizens are encouraged to register their trips before they depart. Registration is free, confidential, and can be done online.

As citizens of a country, we have rights we can exercise even while abroad. When these rights are violated, we can always turn to our embassies to help rectify and most often, hinder any future mishaps.
I am a Nigerian student living in Russia and each time I get to read about the plight of Nigerians in foreign lands, I feel greatly saddened, depressed and burn with anger within me. Why? I am perturbed that my brothers and sisters suffer endlessly, and in most cases, they are simply marked-down for offences they really knew nothing about. It is regrettable that many Nigerians are routinely thrown into jail for offences they may not even have committed.
No doubt, there are several Nigerians living abroad. According to a recent report by the World Bank these people remitted more than $10 Billion Dollars into the global economy, in 2009 alone.
The government has the constitutional obligation to its citizens whenever they have been accused of any illegality - whether they are innocent or guilty as charged – it has a duty to ensure that they are accorded due process and their fundamental human rights not denied.
Regrettably, the government has arguably not done much in protecting its citizens from such persecutions in foreign lands. This tendency is both unacceptable and indefensible.
These fellow citizens have all left the country with great hopes, frustrated by lack of jobs at home. For many, it was virtually a lifelong desire. Nothing else mattered to them. Life in itself was literally suspended until they eventually made their way abroad. Not a few of them took loans, sold houses, cars, and left lucrative jobs, and even threw a lavish send-forth party before embarking on the search for the Golden Fleece.
What do they get? These Nigerians end up being worse-off than their counterparts that choose to remain at home. Reports of racist attacks against Nigerians mostly, in the United States of America, South Africa, and lately, Malaysia have continued unabated.
A few examples suffice. The deportation of 125 Nigerians by the South African government, for allegedly carrying fake yellow fever vaccination certificates, is only one of the many abuses being suffered regularly by citizens who travel abroad, legally or not.

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