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The Entwistle 4mat Review Theology Religion Essay

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The Entwistle 4mat Review Theology Religion Essay

Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity allowed me to understand the past occurrences of psychology and theology. The book displayed the religion and confidence that psychology and Christianity should combine for it to possess a higher understanding and permitting the client a higher probability of healing. So as to do this there should be an entire understanding of every element in and of itself. Entwistle’s (2010) book presented all the facts from history as it has formed society these days. As he mentioned these historic events, it shows simply how the knowledge today may be a reflection or reaction of what happened then. ...view middle of the document...

The author makes a sensible argument when he wrote this book. The incorporation of psychology and theology makes for a nice combination in helping individuals with an assortment of issues. He emphasizes the magnitude within the ever evolving worldviews towards the last part of the book and the author even provides an example for all to pursue. It would be helpful when aiding clients or daily interaction with others. The practice of integrating the approaches between psychology and Christianity is the result that has taken complete type from psychology and the reality that God has given to humankind (the Bible). The theories, worldviews and sinful intentions that are established throughout the society can offer certain obstacles for the combination of psychology and Christianity from individual and business views. The main goal of secular psychology and Christianity is to assist people to prevail over any problems or circumstances in their lives. Any recipients of the secularisms and Christianity itself ought to look past their pictures and target the task that helps man through the troublesome times in their lives. The application of theology and psychology will turn out miracles in individual's lives. It appears as if the aim of this book is to supply universal steerage toward the advancement of humanity's overall state of being.

Concrete Responses This information I gained from this book helped me to put a puzzle together that relates to my parent’s marriage. Psychology tries to explain why we as humans do what we do to each other. Christianity shows us how God wants us to treat each other. God gives us a better way. When I think back to what I witnessed as a child during my parents’ marriage and subsequent divorce was that when God was in the midst of our home, the relationship that my parents had was strong. When God was no longer the center of our lives my parents relationship fell apart and ended in divorce. The impact and the emotional pain of my parents’ divorce are still with my siblings and me to this day. The psychological and spiritual support that my parents’ needed at that time was not available to them. I remember my Mother saying that she felt like they were abandoned by our church when our family needed their support the most. Our family separated from our church after my parents divorced and it was many years later before any of my family sought out a church home again. I think we as a society know better now. When you know better you will do better. There is more psychological and spiritual support for families that are in crisis now. I can see the value of what I want to do as a...

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