The Enveloped: A New Innovative Strategy Of The Street Children – A Case Study

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I. Statement of the Purpose
A. Demographic profile of the children (background profile of the subject
1.1. Gender;
1.2. Age;
1.3. Number of Siblings;
1.4. Order of birth of the subjects;
1.5. Marital Status of Parents
1.6. Mother and Father’s
1.7 Educational Attainment

B. What behavioural ...view middle of the document...

This research undertakes to present simple as possible the basic concepts of sociology and anthropology that would contribute towards awareness and clearer understanding of the social conditions that are perceived as social problems. It is also meant to let researcher, professionals, academe, as well as the students realize that the said tribulations are capable of solutions through collective action of the citizens of the country or should I say from us. It can be indispensable source of research especially for the growing numbers of Indigenous People (IP’s) now in the metropolis and it is timely and relevant investigation for our topic is the Enveloped beggars: A New Innovative Strategy of Badjao’s street children socio economic aspect of survival; A Social Search Investigations and Assessment. It is a research study in related to social and scientific issues. The study presents needed materials in a concise and thorough manner geared to current educational trends and adopted to the academe as part of their continuing tools on a broader aspect.
The growing number Badjao in Manila has been identified by many concern organizations particularly the Non-Government Organizations (NGO) and some private organizations are fast alarming that many of them responded to the interest of violations of human dignity, violations, exploitations and most probably abuse.
One of the respondent and concern NGO is the Sun for All Children (SFAC), a child social institution wherein one of its basic aims is to provide educational assistance to this Indigenous People (IP) and become productive and model citizen of their ethnic groups.

Who are the Badjao’s? The Bajaus are a Filipino Muslim Ethnic group nomadic, seafaring people often referred to as sea gypsies and group of boat dwellers people. They came from two (2) tribes, the Bajau tribes and Bajau Laut tribes. Bajau Laut tribes are known as the sea gypsy people like other island people of the Pacific Ocean in southern Philippines and other small islands. Their religion is Sunni Muslim.
They originated from Zamboanga, Basilan, Jolo provinces, Tawi-Tawi and scattered throughout the Sulu Archipelago in Philippines.
For many years Bajau Laut lived in the ocean and travelled using lepa-lepa, a handmade boat which many lived in.
The ocean is still their main source of living - fishing, collecting clams and mussels, and pearl farming.
Bajau are peace loving people, known to be very gentle and shy indigenous people, trustworthy in spite of being illiterate. They love to sing and dance the "IGAL"
Most of their ancestor’s are known to be living peacefully and survive by way of catching fish and other sea foods, very few of them were engaged in planting and most has to eat crop roots vegetables and fruits that naturally grows near swamps. Culturally speaking, this Indigenous People is popularly peace loving kind, very close family ties as you can see most of their households are composed of 2 to 3...

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