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The Equal Rights Amendment Essay

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Essay #2
The Equal Rights Amendment- Needed or not!
English 162
Mike Bohnert
October 14, 2012

Should women be given equal rights in this world? Yes, there is now reason why in this day and age things should not be equal. If racism is now unacceptable than why is sex discrimination ok? All the laws should equally apply to all men and women. Is it only for women that the ERA (equal rights amendment) is for anymore? That is what Phyllis Schlafly discusses in her essay on not needing the ERA. In todays society things are changing and we want to argue that if things are changed for women it will be wrong in the end. To argue that things would change drastically for women is just wrong. ...view middle of the document...

” (514, Current Issues) Which may be difficult at times when they are needed at home or they are pregnant. There are some great arguments that are brought up in this essay. It is just not something that goes with how our society and world is changing.
Our society today is so much different then it used to be. We already have women joining the military. It would not be wrong to treat men and women as equals with this. I think that in todays society things are changing and we want to argue that if things are changed for women that so much would be lost. Things would not have to change that drastically for women. We live in a world that is headed towards same sex marriages, and women making more money than men at some jobs. We have over come to many obstacles in this world for women not to have equal rights. There is no reason in this day and age we should not have equality.

Sex discrimination is a problem in our country. It is the same as being racist or against a certain religion. It affects people socially as well as economically. In the article by Idella Moore there is a sentence that says a lot. “But unlike racism and religious intolerance – whose practice against certain groups is localized within countries or regions – sex discrimination is universal.” (511,Current Issues) Which is a great point. Sex discrimination goes on everywhere yet people do not want to admit it. Yes there may be laws that protect women, they are not always followed. It is against the law to discriminate against religion and race, but what about sex discrimination? Do we ever hear of anyone being punished for this? We want to punish people for being racist, but not for sex discrimination. This all goes along with the ERA. To me it seems that the Equal Rights...

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