The Ethnic Groups In Iraq Essay

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The Ethnic Groups in Iraq
In my research paper I will be writing about various ethnic groups in Iraq and what their day to day life is like. I plain to explore the different types of religions in Iraq and what it is like for the people in Iraq with different religions. I will also explore why there are civil wars in Iraq because of different religions. This topic interests me because the civil war between religions in Iraq has been going on for a long time, and I want to know why. I have never been able to understand why and know I will be able to.
My paper will involve the questions:
1. Why do the different religions kill and fight each other?
2. What is life like living in Iraq around the all the danger?
3. What caused different religious believers start to not like each other?
4. Is this happening in different countries?
5. Are there specific leaders in these thing ...view middle of the document...

The Iraqi military is going in and trying to end everything but some of the solders are leaving along with civilians. It is just not safe there, these people are considered to be terrorist. The U.S tried helping the government by sending them military vehicles.
Pope calls on the Syrian regime to end bloodshed  By: Associated Press, Toronto Star (Canada), 03190781, Apr 09, 2012
This is talking about the pope sending Iraq a letter asking the Iraqis to let the Christians be able to celebrate Easter in peace. He wants people to be able to be in peace when they celebrate what they believe in. He asked this because he is Catholic and it is close to Christianity.
Caryl, Christian, et al. "Iraq's Young Blood. (Cover Story)." Newsweek 149.4 (2007): 24. TOPIC search. Web. 14 June 2014.
In this article you learn how rough it is for kids living in Iraq, and what they go through now days. Many kids are given a gun and told to go fight. They do not even know what they are fighting for or who they are fighting for. Over 1 million of kids and teens have lost their families, family members, homes, or even their lives because of the war. There have been studies on these kids and they have seen and been through things no one should go through or see. Most of the kids are going through extreme stress, depression, anxiety, and nightmares which keep them awake all night.

LaFranchi, Howard. "Why Iraqi request for help fighting Al Qaeda poses dilemma for US." Christian Science Monitor 19 Aug. 2013: N.PAG. Middle Search Plus. Web. 15 June 2014.
The Iraqi government is asking for help from the U.S to fight Al Qaeda. The U.S does not want to go and fight Al Qaeda but they will sale Iraq U.S military supplies. The U.S is worried about give a Middle Eastern country military supply because they could use it for bad thing. The Secretary of State John Kerry and Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari meet in Washington to discuss what they would do about Al Qaeda and decided to sale them 4.7$ billion worth of military supplies.

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