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The European Integration Of The Republic Of Moldova

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1.1.Political situation in Moldova. 2
1.2. Establishement of EU-Moldova relations. 3

‘’You are well aware that the values on which the EU is built-freedom,democracy,respect for human rights and fundamental freedom,and the rule of law-lie precisely at the heart o the political association and economic integration process which the Eastern Partership offers and which we are pursuing with Moldova.(…) We want to ...view middle of the document...

The Moldovan Constitution was approved in 1994 and modified by the Parliament in 2000. The legislative power of the State lies with the Parliament, which consists of one chamber of 101 deputies elected for a four-year term. Moldova’s legal framework provides a basis for democratic elections. The 2001 parliamentary and 2003 local elections were assessed by the OSCE as free and fair. However, in recent years, the OSCE and the Council of Europe have expressed increasing concerns about the practical implementation of basic democratic principles in Moldova. The judicial system comprises the Supreme Court of Justice, courts of appeal and courts of first instance, as well a system of economic courts including an Economic Court of Appeal. Both the Constitution and the Law on the Court System stipulate that the judicial system is independent from the executive and legislative powers. Judges are appointed by the President of the Republic on a proposal from the Superior Council o Magistracy, except for judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, who are appointed by the Parliament.
In spite of many attempts and changes in the public administration system, reforms has not been completed and institutional capacity in the public remains weak. The government institutions are not able to perform efficiently due to inconsistencies in their functional and institutional framework . At the same time, public opinion polls rank corruption as the second most pressing problem in Moldova after poverty. In 2001, the Government established a coordination council to fight corruption, and in 2004 the Parliament approved the Strategy on Fighting Corruption.

1.2. Establishment of EU-Moldova relations.

Unlike the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe, Moldova has received a rather limited amunt of attention from the European Union. The differentiated EU approach towards Eastern Europe and the Baltic States and the lack of interest towards Moldova were already evident in the first Stability Pact proposed by the French Prime Minister, Edouard Balladur, in 1993. The Pact promoted over 100 bilateral agreements between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Moldova only addressed the European Union with a request to start negotiations for a Partenership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) in 1994. The agreement was signed at the end of the same year, when the majority of Eastern European countries had already been associated with the European Communities. The ratification process of the PCA Moldova took three and a half years, and the agreement came into force on July 1998. The PCA established the usual set o institutions, with a ministerial-level Cooperation Council, a Cooperation Committee of senior officials assisted by a number of expert working groups, as well as a consultative Parliamentary Comitte for Cooperation, including members of the European and Moldovan Parliaments.
Since 1991, the European Union has provided assistance to Moldova totaling 253...

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