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This report will discuss the events of the holocaust and what it had taught us.
The Holocaust was the killing of mainly the Jews but also the disabled and homosexuals; they were killed because Adolf Hitler thought they were inferior. It took place from 1933 to 1945. Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany led this and they murdered About 12 million people, half of them being Jews. Hitler was very against the Jews, he wanted to create the perfect race of Germans. He had a large group of followers, who were the soldiers in the camps, and they were called Nazis, they took care of all killing that Hitler wanted done.

The holocaust took place because Adolf Hitler wanted to purify the German race so he decided to kill all Jews along with ...view middle of the document...

Jews were humiliated and had to wear yellow star with a large ‘J’ on it. In school the Jewish children had to sit at the back of the class, could not get help from the teachers and were humiliated. Jewish businesses were closed down Life became very hard for the Jews. However the non Jewish public did not help they merely stood as bystanders and watch the jaws suffer.
However that was not enough. Hitler soon decided to get rid of them permanently. So to achieve that, he and his group of followers the Nazis rounded them up. Hitler told them a lie saying that he was just going to take them out of the country and resettle them. But instead he took them to concentration camps set up all over the country.
The Jews were transported in cattle cars squashing in so many people at a time they could not move their arms or legs. The heat was unbearable and they were given no food or water for days, so many people died in the journey. Once arrived the fit and healthy were taken to work in factories near to the camps. However the elderly, children and the sick were taken to be killed. They were taken in gas chambers and killed in mass numbers. Those who were spared lived in inhumane conditions. The slept in narrow straw covered beds stacked 3 storage high. They ate watery soup or just plain warm water and each get a thin slice of bread in the evening. When the prisoners got caught at hiding food or causing trouble they would be dragged away and beaten forcefully. They were forced to work in nearby factories; help the soldiers burn the bodies or any other kind of jobs similar. They worked in slavery until they died.
However there were survivors, Eva Galler for example. She was born in 1924 in Oleszyce Poland. She was the oldest of eight children and the only survivor.

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