The Evil In Richard Wright’s “Between The World And Me”

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The Evil in Richard Wright’s “Between the World and Me”
What is a rope? It’s a thing that established the rank, constraint the soul, and destroyed the lives. In Richard Wright’s enriching poem “Between the World and Me” (1935), a lynching is depicted and greatly astonished and influenced the speaker. Through the use of structure, religious symbolization, and diction, Wright successfully establishes the indignation that danced among the words. Structure is a great component in the poem.
The poem’s structure channeled bountiful information regard the complex emotions within the narrator. The poem started with the word “and” and followed the word “suddenly.” A time sequence is suggested ...view middle of the document...

my life be burned” echoes with the lines “And upon ….whore’s lipstick” finally diagnosis the mental health of the speaker. The echo shows the horrific scenes that are being imagined by the narrator. He believed the remains are coming back alive and chastise him. From this point, the speaker lost his credibility, thus, he is greatly disturbed.        
While the structure gave much evidences to the terrify narrator; however the religious symbolization in the poem illustrated the lament and resent of the speaker. He stated that "There was a charred stump of a sapling pointing a blunt finger accusingly at the sky." By personify the sapling as finger that pointed at the sky, it clarifies that the unknown man and the nature were bound together. Both of them were humiliated and confused; thus they questioned god why such "punishments" were put upon them. In addition, the scene and the message that are established are comparable with the crucifixion of Jesus. When the Jesus was on the cross, he shouted out "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Psalm 22). In contrast, both depictions deliver a feeling of grief for god not saving them and the feeling of betraying for not understanding the rationale behind this. The confusion that is perpetuated in the unknown man's mind can also further explain by Clovis E. Semmes’ book called White Supremacy and African Body. He concluded that "for European to justify slavery, they frequently argued that black sin was a curse from God"(1). Since the European established that the color black is equitable to evilness, stating that the African American or people with dark skin are abandoned by God is a perfect excuse to demean the race. It not only gave the supremacy to the white but also benefits the Caucasians to coerce blacks to service them. To bolster the white supremacy, "lynching became a major tool to subordinate African Americans" (Semmes 2). During the time period, lynching is mostly given to African American. Even the person is completely innocent; his life will never escape the ice-cold scythe from the grim reaper. Such helplessly feeling can be understand by the line where it says "My voice was drowned in the roar of their voices, and my black wet body slipped and rolled in their hands as they bound me to the sapling." The teller is experiencing what the unknown man had gone through. Between the words, the person is quite passive. He is silenced by the whites forcefully. It can be seems that the people had no rights but the right to remain quiet.  Also, he has no control of his body and is constrain by the terrorists; and these terrorists are depicted in a predominant tone. Moreover, by bounding the teller with sapling,...

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