The Existence Of Existence Among Other Things

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"I think, therefor I am." René Descartes stated that he knew that he existed due to the fact that he had thoughts. How then, could he know that the people around him existed? Couldn't it be feasible to argue that if there is no proof that someone else has thoughts (i.e., if you can't experience their thoughts, how do you know those thoughts exist), then how do we know that those around us exist?We cannot know that something exists unless we experience it. So how could he know the rest of the world around him existed? To say that experiencing existence comes down to just looking around at the world, then ...view middle of the document...

In dreams, a person can experience taste, sight, smell, touch, and hearing, just like the physical world. If our dreams are made up of the same substances that our so-called waking world is made up of, then there is only one difference between the two worlds; we can awake from dreaming. So then, one could easily argue that that's how we as humans know exactly what reality is. Perhaps though, there is a way for humans to awake from reality.No one is quite sure what happens when a person dies. We know that the heart, lungs, and brain stop working. We know that we turn cold and decay. But, none of us has ever experienced personal death. No one has ever been able to determine what happens to a person, regarding the afterlife, after a person dies. So, when a person ceases to live, what if they were awaking from reality, as if reality were also a dream. What if they were to awake into another dream world? Humans cannot remember 100% of their lives. There are always grey spots in memory. This is also certain of dreaming. Some people can remember every detail about a dream one night, and then only remember a face in a dream the next. Some nights, one might not remember a single moment of the dream. For years, humans have argued that the possibility of past lives exist. So, if we consider the idea of waking into a new dream world after death, then this is probably where the idea of reincarnation might have originated from.

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