The Existence Of Super Humans Essay

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The first known superhuman was a patriotic costumed “mega-soldier” who fought for the Allies on the front lines in Europe allegedly created by scientific means (Trevizo 2). Super humans are defined as entities with intelligence or physical capabilities far exceeding human standards (Cape 3). Super humans, individuals with extraordinary physical or mental capabilities, really do exist (Trevizo 1).
Unknown to the Allies, the German "super-soldier" program would successfully create super humans, although not in time to stop the Allied victory. The program stemmed from research on a large meteorite unearthed in Tibet in 1935. The meteorite, later captured by American forces and nicknamed "the ...view middle of the document...

Murrow in 1954, which sparked race riots in the South over fears that the government was "arming Negroes" with superpowers (Trevizo 3).
By this time, government scientists had long perfected Compound-S, a chemical solution derived from the Rock which was deemed safer than direct contact. Abandoning the Alabama program, the government used Compound-S on volunteers, whose selection was strictly controlled over fears that the solution might be reverse-engineered by foreign agents. Eighteen thousand women were treated with Compound-S during their pregnancies before the program ended in 1963, when it was finally determined that the solution had no effect whatsoever (Trevizo 4). As for the Rock itself, the meteorite's radiation began to decline at the end of the 1950’s and became completely inert, as in stable by the mid-1980s. On the fiftieth anniversary of its discovery in 1985, an independent examination by the PrintCorp News Channel revealed that the rock was now composed of nothing other than normal elements.
Despite the perceived failure of Compound-S, a number of costumed vigilantes emerged in the 1970s who claimed "superhuman" status through technological means (Trevizo 4). The most prominent of these "superheroes" was Night shadow, who first appeared on the streets of Chicago in 1979 as a generic street brawler before he re-emerged in the mid-1980s performing superhuman feats through hi-tech gadgetry. In the late 1970s, a former government scientist proclaimed that he had achieved, "super humanism by human hands" in his young son Hugo , who, through the use of experimental pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering, and a rigorous diet and exercise regime, seemed to have reached the limits of human physical and mental potential. Nevertheless, as the Lebanese superhuman began to pass away, and infertility was discovered to be a by-product of exposure to the rock, it seemed as though true biological super humanism would eventually die out (Trevizo 5).
The explosion of new superhuman over the past 25 years has created a significant amount of unease amongst non-powered citizenry, especially as many of the new generation of superhuman have used their powers for personal gain, often in illegal enterprises. At first, superhuman violence was kept in check by the revived All-Superhuman Squadron, now simply titled "the Squadron" to differentiate the new law enforcement-oriented unit with its military-oriented predecessor (Trevizo 6). While the Squadron was officially sponsored by the government, a number of superhuman turned to costumed vigilantism, often creating as much mayhem and property damage as the super-powered criminals they sought to apprehend. Tensions escalated to such an extent that the Super-Human Violence Protection Act of 1993 was passed with widespread support during the early Clinton Administration, requiring that all super humans register with the government and making the unauthorized use of superpowers in the commission of a...

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