The Expense Of Spirit In A Waste Of Shame

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By creating the character Claudius to be manipulative Shakespeare is developing the idea, that fear can cause a hasty foresight that causes negative consequences. But by Shakespeare creating the characters Horatio and Marcellus, Shakespeare is trying to show us that there are also characters that think before making a decision, which is a good thing with positive outlooks, versus negative consequences and not thinking before taking action. When it comes to making a decision it`s better to take your time and make a better decision, and think of all the positives and negatives that could occur from each decision you were to make. With the adding of the character Laertes, it is almost as if he ...view middle of the document...

But, after Claudius killed his brother King Hamlet, Prince Hamlet ran into a ghost in which spoke, “I am thy father’s spirit;” (I, v, 9), telling him everything he needed to know how he died, where he died, and the estimated time in which Claudius murdered him. Also in this play Claudius doesn`t care who he uses or what he uses but he wants Hamlet murdered, no matter what it takes to get it done, just as long as his hands don`t get dirty.

While Horatio and Marcellus are his noble friends and guards, they are loyal and honest. Keeping him from harm’s way after Horatio and Marcellus told him about the sighting of his father’s spirit he was in an incredible amount of shock, “The king my father!” (I, ii, 190), after that it’s like they were watching a small child that asked millions and millions of questions like: whether he was armed or not, what color he seemed to be, be it “pale, or red,” (I, ii, 231). Can we name anyone that wouldn’t do the same, if they had a departed mother or father? I know I would as much as I argue and fight with my parents, I`d still give one last breath to see them once more. A good majority of us fight with our families, be it mother, father, brother, sister, uncle whatever it may be, it`s natural, it`s just a part of life. We all say things we don`t mean at the worst times, we all do things we regret, we just have to be able to pull it all back together and say two of the world`s most important words, ``I`m Sorry.``

With Laertes being a weak minded person it makes it all the better for the character of Claudius, making it easier to...

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