The Experience Of A Lifetime Essay

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“Beep! Beep! Beep!” went the alarm clock in a fury to wake me up. For the first time in my life, I barrel out of my bed and immediately into the next bedroom. Almost falling on the cold, hard-wood floor I pounce on Mollie’s bed, somewhat like a cheetah. She rises up out of her cozy bed and says “Really? Is it already 6:00 am?” “Yes!” I screech like a thirteen-year old cheerleader when her team is scoring points. “Get up! It’s almost time to leave!” I say. The day has finally come for us to go to Oak Island, NC and aid in the hatching of baby sea turtles. “Alright, give me ...view middle of the document...

How crazy? Honestly, I could care less about going out and having a party, I just want to get on the road to Oak Island and meet up with the members of the Turtle Watch Program. What better of a start to your 18th birthday then to help out animals (in this case, sea turtles), who are endangered due to the fact of what we humans are doing to the environment.
Mollie and I gather all of our heavy, bulky bags to take with us for the weekend, and load it all in my 1990, two-door, maroon-color, Chevrolet Cavalier. We pack everything but the kitchen sink, it all fits, and we have no worries. “Alright, do you have everything?” I ask. Mollie says “Yes, I’m ready to roll!” So we pull out of the tulip and daisy- lined driveway, and head out on Highway 68 towards the bustling Interstate 40. It was a sizzling, breezy May morning. We have all the windows down, letting the wind blow through our hair. Mollie’s jet black aviators and my cheetah-spotted, rainbow-color sunglasses are on, and we are ready for our exciting, new adventure to the most beautiful beach on the North Carolina coast, Oak Island, NC.
After four anticipating, drawn-out hours we see the old-fashion bait shop, Clem’s Seafood. I beam at Mollie with excitement, and she looks back and gives me a genuine, warm smile. We are almost there! Fifteen minutes passes by, seeming like a dog’s age, and we arrive at the quaint, tidy, and peaceful Oceancrest Motel. I put my maroon rider in park, jump out and start dancing! “What are you doing?” Mollie asks. With wild laughter in my voice I respond “Nothing, just dancing”. Mollie looks at me, laughs and we both then open up the car doors to get out the heavy, burdensome bags. After checking in at the office, which smells of pina-coladas and happiness, we get our antique-like, gold keys to our room. Carrying the bags into the room, or dragging rather, we unpack all of our extensive belongings. We put all of our things in their specific places, and out the door we go like a flash of lightning. On our way to Town Hall, Mollie asks me “Why is this so important to YOU, and why are YOU so excited?” I fearlessly reply “Mollie, sea turtles are my very favorite animal. These creatures are so beautiful and play such an important role in marine life in the oceans. My excitement comes from being able to help these creatures from becoming even more endangered than they already are. And I get to help them on a very special day for me, what more could I want?” Mollie looks at me like I have just won a Nobel Prize for saving sea turtles. I just grin from ear to ear and then take a slow right turn into Town Hall at just a hair before 1:00 pm.
“Katrina!” I peer around the parking lot looking for the origin of the voice. While still looking around, I stop, my eyes getting big and I yell out “Nancy!” Nancy is a wonderful, beach-raised, southern woman who was born and raised in Cherry Grove Beach, SC (beside N. Myrtle Beach, SC), the mother of an old friend. “Nancy!” I yell...

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