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The Facebook Phenomena Essay

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Technology is drastically changing the lives of American citizens. It is rapidly integrating into the school systems, and in an effort to illustrate the importance of being technologically savvy in today’s society, school’s are establishing their own websites where students, teachers and parents can converse and view upcoming events, due dates and notes. Although there are numerous benefits to having a school oriented webpage, many students and teachers believe that it is a hassle to find time to either view or update this site when there is already 26 hours of activities and 24 hours in the day. As a solution to this problem select schools have discovered that using a social network such as ...view middle of the document...

This will decrease the number of students who forget about a project, spirit day or a school related meeting because it will not take any extra effort or time out of their day. Utilizing facebook as the main school website is also a better form of communication because it is a source that students are already familiar and comfortable using; therefore students are more apt to converse with their teacher whether it be asking for homework help, advice or needing an assignment in the result of their absence.
In an interview with CNN reporter Mallory Simon, Randy Turner, a Missouri school teacher, claims that his students are requesting him as a friend on Myspace and Facebook purely for academic reasons. They find it more convenient to send him a message asking for help on an upcoming homework assignment knowing that the teacher is online and available for communication. Social networking allows for multitasking and enables students and teachers to communicate and get immediate responses because they are using a site that people of all ages are willing to check daily. Turner and other teachers will benefit from this social network because it will become much easier to contact their students. Educators put in an overwhelming amount of effort into updating their page to help students who rarely utilize it; so making the switch to facebook will make teacher’s efforts pay off. Another benefit is that many teachers already have a facebook of their own so the technology department will not have to spend as much time instructing the teachers on how to use the website because they will already be familiar with it, and those who aren’t can be assisted by other teachers who are. This change will also simplify their lives because, similar to their students, they will only have to use one website to socialize and assist their students. After all, why have several websites serve several purposes when you can have one website serve them all?
Similar to Randy Hover, principal of All Saints Central High School Jon Hoving has created an administrative facebook page that alumni, parents and students can friend request and obtain reminders of important dates and interesting school events/information. His purposes are purely to engage parents in their children’s education and to keep in touch with alumni. However, much controversy has surfaced due to this harmless action. Many parents believe that using a social networking site for educational purposes is similar to mixing business with pleasure, or crossing the line of teacher and friend. They feel that Hoving’s actions are in response to his belief that parents are not doing a good enough job monitoring their child’s internet behavior and he wants to intervene. However, Hoving clearly states that his intention is not have a Facebook in order to check up on the student’s behavior outside of the high school walls, rather to seek alumni and inform parents of events. Nonetheless, if he notices unsuitable posts or...

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