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The Factors That Contributes Towards Success And Retaining Customers By Umw Toyota In Malaysia

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Research Title:-

The factors that contributes towards success and retaining customers by UMW TOYOTA in Malaysia.

Research Background

Based on Malaysia Private Automobile on Japanese companies, Toyota is one of the Automobile in the Malaysia market. Latest service quality and offering the unbelievable bargain marketing offers are being offered by Toyota and is being well known as the strongest selling point of stable driving passion and dependability on the vehicle’s quality in terms of long lasting usage. Toyota is offering marvelous promotions tools and free gifts will be given away. Even the service are shorten into one hour waiting time yet still maintain their highest standards ...view middle of the document...

All the well known Japanese Automobile in Malaysia is Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Nissan. This is a very competitive whereby there are so many organization from Japan and targeting Malaysia market to gain higher profit and awareness. Every each of the organization is using their very own various types of offers in solution finance of purchasing a vehicle and perfect promotional tools to compete for highest and strongest market share. Not only that but to maintain the customer loyalty and provide the best service to the customers to gain success, brand awareness and reputation in highest standard of ranking. All the advertising will be needed and target on specific areas even the media and others media connection throughout in Malaysia. Toyota is recalling all the malfunction vehicles being delivered worldwide and sold to the users of Toyota to replace any parts or accessories. (Btimes, 2010) This might affect the brand recognition and also the brand quality. Although Malaysia does not face this problems but the news and word-of-mouth in negative point of view are being spread worldwide in within seconds and this will affect the consumer to re-think or reconsider before purchasing any Toyota vehicle due to the risk free issues.

Research Objectives

The two objectives in this research are as followed:-

I. To identify the effectiveness of before and after sales service adopted by UMW Toyota.

II. To investigate the consumer behavior towards the capital finance provided by UMW Toyota.

Literature Review

Based on the first above objective which is to identify the effectiveness of before and after sales service adopted by UMW Toyota, the main reason is to identify the technique and sales promotional tools that implement towards customer by UMW Toyota recently. Sales promotion includes a cash refund offers (rebates) which provide a price reduction after purchase rather than inside the shop. (Philip Kotler, 12E) Add on, the product warranties and premium gifts are also a part of promotional tools in after sales service. This is to stimulate the sales response, gain high market share and brand loyalty and awareness as well as brand recognition. In the advertising point of view on before sales service, UMW Toyota is using media such as newspaper, television, radio, brochure and newsletter. There is another powerful advertising which is zero cost for the organization, is the word-of-mouth. Newspaper choices can be using The-Star or business newspaper. The television advertising will be costly as the timing is very important. If the advertisement chosen time is wrongly targeted and all the money spend on it will be a waste as different time will be different audience watching television. Newsletter will be very specific targeted area and also message being delivered clearly with visualize making it easier to understand the main key point of this newsletter is all about. This is same goes to brochure.

There are 2p’s in this research...

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