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The Factory On The Hill Essay

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1. What was the important thing(s) you learned from this article?
The most important thing I learned from this video is the fact poor people were pushed into a situation where the only place they afford to live is next to factories. And they are paying the cost in their health. I’ve heard many stories about pollution issues in Richmond, and I always wonder why these residents decided to live there at the first place and why they still live there. I learned from the article the reason was much more historical than that I thought. People started to move to Richmond before WWII. There was racism and people in color especially African Americans could not live in certain neighborhoods. Simply they did not have a choice. Also from this ...view middle of the document...

I understand businesses are always looking for ways to reduce expenses, but these unethical behaviors of corporations need to be stopped. And I didn’t see the companies in Richmond are reaching out to help these people who are suffering from toxic pollution from their factories.

2. How does it relate to one or more environmental health issues?
This directly relates to health issues for the residents in Richmond. The article didn’t mention about factory workers in Richmond, but I definitely think that the pollutions affect factory workers as well. I’ve never been to Richmond but I drove pass by the freeway few times and I always notice some unpleasant smell when I get close to the neighborhood of Richmond. So I believe many other bay area residents and people who use freeway in the area will be affected. People who live in the neighborhood have higher ricks of asthma and heart diseases.
3. What question(s) remain unanswered after you read the article?
I would like to know more about the health issues of factory workers in Richmond and how these large corporations are handling pollution issues.
4. How did this article incorporate an environmental justice perspective? If not, how can an environmental justice perspective been a more explicit part of the piece?
This article incorporated an environmental justice perspective because it showed the unfairness of the society how poor people are neglected. And it showed the historical reason behind how these residents ended up living in Richmond. The article is looking for solution and actions to solve the issue because every one has right to have life healthy and safe.

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