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The Fairy Tales Of Gun Control

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When a madman in Dunblane, Great Britain rampages and kills 16 children, it was the fuel politicians needed to fire the anti-gun movement. Great Britain banned the sale and ownership of handguns in 1997. But nobody expected the surge of violent crime that followed. Britain's rate of assault, robbery, and burglary now exceed those in the United States. Murder and rape figures are now getting closer to U.S. rates. Between 1997 and 1999 were the highest murder rates in the past 10 years. According to Dr. Timothy Wheeler, American news media have virtually ignored this amazing change, even as politicians push more stringent, British-style gun-control. Gun control would not work in ...view middle of the document...

In April 1998, a 14 year-old student walked into a school dance with a .25-caliber handgun and opened fire, killing a science teacher and wounding several students. When he fled the scene, the owner or the hall, James Strand, chased him down with a shotgun into a field and held him for 11 minutes until police arrived. Kenneth Smith reports that New York Daily News said only that Strand had "persuaded" the shooter to surrender and the shotgun was never mentioned. In May 1998, gun education stopped 15-year old Kip Kinkel from his shooting spree in the cafeteria of Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon. At one time, he pointed a .22 caliber semiautomatic rifle at a student's head and attempted to fire three times but nothing happened. Jacob Ryker, who was shot in the lungs, Charged 15 feet and tackled Kinkel and disarmed him. Kenneth Smith wrote ABC's Ted Koppel credited Ryker with halting the shooting, non-of the specific details were given and the program quickly turned into another debate on gun control. Kenneth Smith's retaliation in his report was Ryker knew when to attack Kinkel because Ryker knew the gun was out of ammunition. Ryker and his family were hunters and target shooters and his familiarity with firearms helped to stop the shooting.
Secondly, gun control would raise the crime rates in the U.S. The public would not be able to protect themselves against criminals with illegal firearms. Even Darrel Scott, whose 17 year-old daughter, died in the Columbine massacre, is skeptic of the new gun control measures. Scott argues, " No amount of laws can stop someone who spends months planning this type of massacre. Furthermore, as reporter Kenneth Smith points out, a Florida State University study says Americans use guns to defend themselves as many as 2.5 million a year. In most cases, the gun were not fired but was used to deter the criminals. In addition, when Great Britain banned the sale and ownership of handguns in 1997, crime rates rose dramatically in the following year. As Doctor Timothy Wheeler point out, in 1998, BBC News reported that violence against a person...

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