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The Fallibility Of Man Exposed In The Bible

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The Fallibility of Man Exposed in The Bible

The story of the Golden Calf illustrates the inherent fallibility of man. It starts out when the people ask Aaron to “make us gods, which shall go before us.” Despite the fact that God had spoken to them just days earlier commanding them not to make themselves any graven images, Aaron doesn’t argue too strongly against this, immediately asking them to turn over any gold jewelry they have so that he may make them a figure of worship. This choice of material symbolizes man’s covetous nature, perhaps also implying that Aaron feared to go against God’s wishes directly, and so he chose gold in the hope that the people ...view middle of the document...

He says that the Egyptians would mock the Israelites, laughing that their God would lead them out of their servitude only to face destruction at his own hands. Rather than respecting his power, they would see that he was either unable or unwilling to complete the salvation he set his people upon. And so the Lord agres to set aside his anger at the people, while Moses returns to them with God’s commandments.

Before he even reaches the base of the mountain, Joshua states that there is “a noise of war inside the camp,” to which Moses responds that he doesn’t hear cries of victory or defeat, but rather those of revelry. This seems to put a shadow of foreboding over the story, implying that soon there will still be cries, but of a different nature. When Moses sees the golden icon that the people now worship, the story states that his “anger waxed hot,” in the same words that God’s displeasure was described, showing that Moses’ anger was just, because it was at wickedness, and in the name of the Lord. The story climaxes when he burns the icon into dust. By reducing their figure to the smallest particles possible, Moses shows the idolaters that an idol is like to nothing, since dust is as close to nothing as he could make it. He has the people drink the dust as a gesture that their sin will always be with them, ingrained into their bodies. When he asks Aaron why he would lead the people into such a sin, the latter shows his true colors by transferring all the blame for the incident onto others. He rightly claims that the people implored him to make them an image of...

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