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The Family Picture Essay

1055 words - 5 pages

The Family Picture
Stacey Jones
ENG 121: English Composition 1
Instructor: Aarika Chilson
Ashford University
March 19, 2013

I look at the only family picture, which was ever made of my family. It was made February 2, 2011. The three people in my family picture are Edward, Zachary and I. It was a new chapter in our lives.
Zachary was a gift from heaven. Edward and I were up in age, and had not thought of having children. When, all of a sudden I was pregnant with my son Zachary. First we were stun then, surprised and all of a sudden I got very afraid. Here I was a middle age women having a baby. I never thought this was in my future. After reality set in we ...view middle of the document...

I didn’t sleep for the first two days; I would call to the NICU to check on Zachary every hour on the hour.
The time came for me to go home; I told my nurse I wasn’t feeling well. She thought I just didn’t want to leave my son. But I was feeling badly at that time. I was home about two days before I called the emergency squad. I couldn’t breathe and was running a very high fever, at first I thought I was having a panic attack, but once I got to the hospital I was told I had gotten pneumonia while I was on the operating table. So now for the next seven days I was in the same hospital, with my son and I couldn’t see him. It just broke my heart. On day eight I was shipped to a nursing home to finish getting well. This took me even further from my son.
So now Edward is dividing up the day between me at the nursing home and Zachary at the hospital. It was half way through me stay at the nursing home, when we got the call that Zachary was not doing well. Edward rushed to the hospital and called me saying Zachary was getting worst his kidney’s wore failing and his little body was swallowing up. I at the nursing home and going crazy with fear, for my little boy's life was slipping away. The nursing home made arrangements for me to get to the hospital, to be with Zachary. We prayed and prayed my Pastor and church members came to be with me. And as always my Aunt Brenda and cousin Dee-Dee was right there with me. Zachary was trying to hold on and fight for his life. I prayed for him so much, he was the best part of my life. My Mother had...

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