The Fertility Decline In Latin Essay

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Fertility decline among young Latinas are largely due to the assimilation into American lifestyle, values and attitudes concerning cost of childbearing, which become the means that illustrate the general theory of fertility transition among young Latinas. Research shows that American-born Latinas have a much lower fertility rate than that of immigrant Latinas in the state of California. Organizations like Planned Parenthood note that Latinas today have more ...view middle of the document...

Because they now understand that more children is hard to manage to live in the modern society like The Untied States. Latinas are little bit different compared to young women around the world, because they are still constrained by social pressures that shared the Hispanic tradition of big families. So that they still have a higher fertility rate compare to young women around the world. The structural factors is the participation of women in labor force that influencing young Latinas, because women's participation in the labor force has increased significantly in younger Latinas Americans and immigrants Latinas, this participation forces women get out of home, spending time at work place, in turn, women do not have time, energy, and money to support more children. More opportunities in choosing a better life-style can be categorized to a culture factor. American culture promotes the trend of lower fertility rate, because Latinos are increasing their options of life-styles, just like everybody else; they want to enjoy life as well. Moreover, Latinas also come to understanding that they must insure a quality life for their children. They want to have their children to be educated. They do not want to see the hardship that they experienced repeating on their children.

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