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The Fight In Afghanistan, The Fight For Humanity

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Nick Hage

Mrs. Bowmer 7th


The Fight in Afghanistan, the Fight for Humanity

9-11 was one of the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history, but it was much more than that. It was because of this act of aggression against America that instigated the war in Afghanistan. It was because of this that the Taliban no longer govern the country. It was because of this that we’re still their today fighting against those who want us dead. 9-11 was only the beginning. Those terrorists are still their today and they still strike at us, it is for this reason that we should stay there. Even though some people believe it is a waste of money and lives, we should stay in Afghanistan until ...view middle of the document...

Taliban religious police walked the streets and would beat any woman not following these laws. Many were even executed publically. The treatment had been described “the worst human rights disaster in history” by Noah Berlatsky in “The United States Must Stay in Afghanistan to Fight for Women's Rights.”

It is true the conflict has been costly to the United States and it has cost the lives of soldiers. A possible solution would be to cut back on the surge of troops we have been sending over. Or maybe we can even start bringing troops back.

However even though our soldiers are dying for people on the other side of the world who don’t look to favorably upon us, it is our duty to do so. If we pull out now we leave that nation vulnerable to attack, which will then lead to terrorists gaining a stronger foothold. Even though the people in Afghanistan aren’t our people they are still people. And the moment we stop fighting for other people is the moment we stop fighting for our...

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