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The Fighter

The Fighter

The Fighter is a 2010 sport drama movie directed by David O. Russell. Based on a true story, Micky Ward, a determined boxer whose career in the ring was shepherded by his loyal half-brother, Dicky Eklund an ex-boxer whose own career in the ring was nearly sent down for the count due to drugs. Irish Micky rebounded from a disheartening series of defeats to win both the WBU Intercontinental Lightweight title thanks to a fierce combination of determination and hard work. Director of Photography: Hoyte van Hoytema. The Fighter is not a ground breaking film in cinematography. Its highlight is on the character and the acting. But I like the realistic and gritty look. So ...view middle of the document...

However not every DSLR give the same look. Some have larger sensor than the other etc. So its importan tto find a camera thats suited the style of the story.
The fight scenes in this movie is very different from the previous mvoie i review (warrior). In this film, the fights were shot in a way to make it look like they were shot in that the event happened. So in "the three main boxing matches in the film were originally televised on HBO’s popular fight specials. Hoytema suggested replicating the multi-camera look, shot from outside the ropes, using the same kind of Sony Betacam-SP cameras that were used on Ward’s fights" (schuyler). So they ended up using the same camera they used back in the day. And a total of 8 cameras setup like multi cam to give us that HBO tv look.
As you know, i really like using steadycam and handheld to shoot my video. And in this movie, they decided "to shoot most of the film handheld with Steadicam for a more spontaneous, improvisational look. “I like little cameras that you can whip around and are very kinetic. Big cameras tend to become altars,” says the director. “I wanted to have a very loose feel, so that everything was real, intimate and alive.” (schuyler). This is why i like shooting with steadycam so much, i want to follow the action in the scene and take the audience with me. I like my film to feel autentic and real.
So yea i really like the cinematography in this movie, i didnt notice it at first because i was invested in the story. I think thats a good thing to make cinematography invincible to the audience so their attention is 100% on the story.

Schuyler, John. "Gritty Realism in David O. Russell's The Fighter." Below the Line RSS. N.p., 21 Feb. 2011. Web. 27 Jan. 2015.

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