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The First Day Essay

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The first day

The short story, “The first day” is about a young daughter and a mother.
It is written by Edward P. Jones
The daughter is about to start in elementary school, and there is a lot of feelings involved in this new chapter of her life.

The girl is wearing a checkeredlike blue-and-green cotton dress, and her mother spent nearly an hour on her hair this morning, plaiting and replaiting, so that the girl’s head tingles, all this for making a good expression of her daughter, the first day of a whole new life with school.

The new start of the daughter’s life starts out crooked anyhow, as they are turned down at the first school they go to. The mother wants her to go to ...view middle of the document...

At the time they get to Walker-Jones the girl immediately likes it, because Walker-Jones Elementary School is a larger and newer school. The girl senses a problem as her mother absently rubs her thumb over the back of her hand. The reason why the mother is in doubt is because the school is no longer just across the street from her connection to god – the church anymore.

At Walker-Jones it’s very crowded. Every chair is either occupied by a child or an adult, and all over the floor there is strewn dozens of white paper. This makes the girl concerned, and she is suddenly afraid to go.

The girl’s mother walks up to a table asking a woman “Is this where they register for school?” the woman looks up as she has heard the question once too often. She nods. This part of the story makes the school seem bad, as the woman helping them register for the school is not welcoming and rather negative.

As the mother gets the paper she has to fill out, something unexpected happens. The mother asks the woman to help her fill out the forms, as she can’t read or write. This is the place in the story when you figure a lot of the meaning with the story out. The woman can’t neither write nor read, and that could probably be explained with the lack of education, when she was her daughter’s age.

That is a great explanation of why, the mother is so anxious about getting her...

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