The First Group, The Family, Has More Influence In Our Identity And Belonging

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‘The first group we belong to, the family, has more influence than any other group on forming our identity’

Family, the first group we belong to, carries a monumental impact in influencing ones' identity. However, through different circumstances, it is possible to have more than one 'family', thus having another group possessing more influence over the 'first family'. Having a 'family' is not determined by having a biological connection, rather it is the people with whom we associate. We are moulded by our environment and what we experience whilst growing up. The foundation of values and beliefs we acquire throughout our lives originates from our first home. Even so, if one chooses ...view middle of the document...

Her family background forces her to grow up faster, become more mature by undergoing the hardships of life. Tilly develops to 'seem strong, but damaged'; a child that has experienced unfortunate adversities, scars that are incapable of healing. But because of such adversities, Tilly has painfully learnt to stand tall on her own two feet.
Who we become as person originates from what we learn at home. Our values and beliefs are formulated from what is encouraged and practiced. Around the world, religion can play a significant role in ones' identity. The values and beliefs of Christianity differ from those of Buddhism or Hinduism. What is considered 'normal' in one family may not be for another. Something simple as saying grace before each meal, is not performed in all families. Thus, no matter how small these exercises are, they will ultimately accumulate to forming the identity of a person. Rather, the meaning and benefit obtained from demonstrating these exercises, conditions a person to apply these to their everyday life. Whilst in Muslim countries, women are brought up to always cover up their body as it is thought to be 'provocative' and disrespectful. In consequence to unfortunate events such as the terrorism of Osama Bin Laden, people with this image (of covering their bodies), have the identity of being 'terrorists'. In a family, family members who holds authoritative positions (e.g. parents), act as role models which their subordinates (children) reflect and imitate. As children grow up, what they observe and emulate greatly impacts their outlook on life, and possibly their nature in the future. First families benchmark what is deemed as 'normal' and teaches children what is believed to be 'right' from what is 'wrong'.
However, certain...

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