The First Time I Rode A Rollercoaster

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The First Time I Rode a Rollercoaster
Willie Ross
University of Phoenix
The First Time I Rode a Rollercoaster
Rollercoaster’s are rides that are sure to give thrill seekers a jolt without having to risk their lives. Most people will have ridden a rollercoaster by the time they reach the age of 16. I myself did not ride my first rollercoaster until 2005 at the age of 24. I was able to engage in this activity on my family vacation in which we traveled to “Six Flags over Georgia.” I was the only person who was in attendance that had never ridden a rollercoaster so of course I was ridiculed by my siblings. So in order to put an end to it all, I made a deal with them all that I would ride a rollercoaster once we arrived at our destination. I had no idea that my mouth was so big and could get me into so ...view middle of the document...

They waited well until I was strapped in and feeling as though I had conquered a fear of mine to say “you’ll be facing the ground the whole time.” That fear resurfaced once the seat started rising to put me into the vertical laying position.
I had no idea that the ride would be like this. During the ride, I was flung effortlessly through loop after loop and turned every way but the right way. The rollercoaster ride was traveling at speeds that felt like Mach III if you ask me. The ride was terrifying to say the least. Terrifying but exhilarating also. Mind you I was still laying face down towards the pavement. It seems as though every turn I came out of there were huge boulders and miles of pavement waiting for me to fall and get acquainted with them. The ride lasted for all of two to three minutes. Out of that time I may have held my eyes open for maybe 13 seconds. When it was all said and done, the ride was one of the most exciting experiences that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Not only did I enjoy myself Iconquered a long standing fear that I’ve had since I was a child. Without thinking about it, I was in line waiting to ride one of the highest rated roller coasters in terms of fear at Six Flags.
Unfortunately the ridiculing didn’t end there. Once again I learned something about that ride that I didn’t know previously. They had cameras on the ride which caught me striking some of the ugliest poses in the history of posing. So once again I was the butt of the jokes. Even I had to admit that some of the faces I was making would make a baby cry. It was all in good fun so I didn’t mind. What I learned from this experience was that fear is a state of mind. If you don’t put much thought into whatever obstacle is in front of you, you shouldn’t fear it at all. By doing that I was able to enjoy something that I never would have known was exciting had not I taken part of it for myself.

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