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The Forgotten Team Mebmer Essay

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Part I: Group Development

I believe Christine and her group weren’t properly developed from the beginning stages which is why they are currently at the storming stage. “The storming stage of team development is a period of high emotionality and tension among the group members. During the storming stage, hostility and infighting may occur, and the team typically experiences many changes”. (Schermerhorn, John R. (11/2011) The hostility came from Mike who felt he was being excluded from the group and meetings. He has other demands in his life that are not allowing him to actively participate and be an active/vital part of the group. If Christine had known of the five stages of development: ...view middle of the document...

The secondary problem is social loafing behavior of the team member Mike. In accessing each member she would have been able to determine that Mike was unreliable and not pulling his weight. Mike missed most of the meetings and gave Christine poorly written notes for her to discuss in the group meetings. She never held him accountable for his behavior and lack of effort. Instead she enabled him and began to feel bad for him when he said he and his girlfriend broke up.

Part III: Retrospective Evaluation

One possible solution to the situation that Christine is incurring is she could resign as team organizer and allow another team member to take her place. She was unable to be firm with Mike and force him to be an active member of the group. I think she was too consumed with being like and not stepping on anyone’s toes, especially Mike, that she became too passive in her decision making. By allowing Mike to do as he felt the rest of the team could have observed this and decided to do the same thing. She would have been left to do the entire project alone and she would have had no one to blame but herself for allowing her group to lose control. By removing herself from the leadership role she could have observed how to be a more direct and firm leader.

A second solution would...

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