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The Fort Hood Shooting Essay

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The Fort Hood Shooting (could it have been prevented)?
Lester W Reed
Academic Research
Jim Judd


This paper explores three online articles that concerning the Fort Hood Shoot and SGT Hassan sentenced to death for killing fellow Soldiers. These articles substantiate that Soldiers who are radicalized to Islamist extremist’s beliefs are a danger to all of us. Once these signs have been identified, it should not be overlooked brushed under the carpet or taken lightly. Lives have be lost, families torn from their love ones all because negligent supervisors and friends of the accused overlooked blatant extremist views. The people we speak of were not born in another country ...view middle of the document...

Hasan was under surveillance for at least six month because of the blogs he was posting online. How much watching and listening are we going to do before it is too late? His supervisors and peers had an obligation to report what they saw or overheard. Gregory Boyce wrote, “Dr. Val Finnell, a classmate of Hasan's at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, says he got to know Hasan because a group of public health students that included him and Hasan took an environmental health class together. At the end of the class, everyone had to give a presentation. Classmates wrote on topics such as dry cleaning chemicals and mold in homes, but Finnell said Hasan chose the war against terror. Finnell described Hasan as a "vociferous opponent" of the terror war (para. 11).” Hasan’s religious beliefs and idealistic views on the war against terror were very evident at work and with friends. He was all but screaming that he was a Muslim first and an American second.
Once he arrived at Fort Hood, it did not stop at his last assignment. He got into a heated confrontation with someone who lived in his apartment complex. Hasan had bumper stickers on his car that offended a Soldier who had just returned from Iraq. Even though the other Soldier was arrested and charged, it didn’t cool the inner conflict that was brewing in him. Much like what we have heard in the many suicide classes the Army gives annually. Hasan gave away his furniture and belongings citing he didn’t need it he was deploying soon. However, the reality of it was he had made up his mind and now knew what he wanted to do. This last thing was a strong indicator of some major event was about to take place. Be it we would think he was going to take his own life. Rather he decided to take fellow Americans lives and own up to his own words about being a Muslim first. Today’s technology would have made it very easy to track his movements and his online activity. This is not the first time a Muslim Soldier has attacked his fellow Soldiers. Hasan Karim Akbar (born Mark Fidel Kools) killed two and wounded 14 other Soldiers in Kuwait. Since the Vietnam War, Akbar is the first U.S. soldier to be charged with the murder of...

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