The Foundation Of Developing A Research Question

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Developing a research question is a process that takes a great deal of time and effort. Generating an area of interest at the outset can seem quite simple and straightforward. When I first read the Bryman (2008) text, I lack some context, what I thought would be a simple process of selecting a research question and beginning the real work once the research began. However, I quickly realized how difficult it is to develop a clear and concise research question. This research question must also be both relevant and contribute to the gathering of informative results that will add to the greater body of knowledge.
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This question does not identify clearly where this research will be taking place, while at the same time it does not define what is learning acquisition and how it will be measured. This research question can be broken up into two clear and concise questions, 1) How can play be effectively integrated into full day kindergarten programs in Ontario? 2) How can play effectively support knowledge acquisition in the early learner? Even when this question is broken down they are both still far too broad. Therefore, it will make them difficult to research. What are the measures that will be used to assess the level of success integrating play either in terms of programming or in student learning? By not being specific in the question, it is difficult to narrow down the supporting research to support the findings. Identifying a specific area, such as the inclusion Ontario Full-Day Early Learning – Kindergarten Program strategy into the question may help to narrow the focus of the question and increase the likelihood of finding literature that supports the research question. The question itself should identify or be specific in its intent. It is unclear as to whether this is a question is qualitative or quantitative in its approach.
This research question is at the beginning phases of its development, with continued refinement it has the potential to become an effective, clear and concise research question. It is evident that the researcher has chosen a topic that is both relevant and of interest their practice. Being specific and generating a number of questions that relate to the topic of interest will help to focus the search for relevant supporting literature.

My wiki response – Research question - How do schools incorporate of innovative practices into their planning in order to increase the student engagement and in turn positively impact on student success?

Looking at the changes that are occurring in education cannot be done without examining the role that technology plays in the teaching and learning that goes on classrooms today. In the Bryman (2008) text, he provides a comprehensive list of potential of sources for developing a research question. This research question matches nicely to one of the sources provided, the question is an attempt to examine the rapidly changing landscape of technology in schools and the sociological impact it has on education. Within the school board that I am currently working, we are spending a great deal of money on technology. However, I feel that we are doing this without a clear understanding of how to utilize it effectively and therefore are not sure of the potential impact on student learning. As much as this a very topical area of study in education, this is where the strengths of this question end.
In reflection, it has become evident that this question is at the beginning phase of the process of developing a clear and concise research question. When measured...

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