The Fountainhead Essay

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Alexa Woelfle
Mr. Nelson
English III Honors
February 28, 2013
The Fountainhead
Ayn Rand wrote the very prestigious novel known as The Fountainhead, filled with love, tragedy, and the complications of life and the world we live in. Howard Roark is the main character in The Fountainhead and plays the role of a struggling architect who encounters love, destruction, and heartbreak. The two largest struggles Howard Roark faces in the novel The Fountainhead are constructed of the love of his life, Dominique Francon, seeking to destroy him and his talents for the simple reason that everyone else then won’t have the ability to destroy his greatness. He also comes across a great complication of ...view middle of the document...

Yet Dominique wants to fail in her attempt to destroy Roark, because if she fails it means absolute good and genius cannot be destroyed and can only but survive even in an evil world.
Howard Roark created this building on one term, that it be his work and it have no edits or changes from anyone but himself. Peter Keating promised this to Roark but Roark later comes to a realization that he was lying when he finds the building to be different than what he created. Roark only found it reasonable that since it was his building he had the right to “blast it off the face of the earth or make a glue factory out of it. He can do it whether” (Rand 343) the suit is won or lost. Roark believes that he’s “nothing to them” (Rand 159) but his work-his work is all they have in common. Basically, Howard Roark’s outlook on the situation of destroying the building is, my creation my decision. He has the right to destroy his own property, especially if it is not being respected. So as result he does explode his very own creation. “The case of Hopton Stoddard versus Howard Roark opened in February of 1931” (Rand 348) but ended abruptly with the end result that “The defense rests” and “Hopton Stoddard won the suit” (Rand 357) It seems reasonable doesn’t it? That Roark had the right to demolish his own building, of course. If you were to build a house of legos and someone were to come and tamper with your creation shouldn’t you have the right to take apart the entire lego sculpture? So simply, Roark and the majority of the audience reading this novel, agree that the dynamiting of Cortlandt was not an example of irrationality.
At a point in the novel these two topics cross paths, where Dominique Francon only finds it necessary to destroy Roark so that society and the world in which we live simply cannot destroy his greatness and beauty. Although, the changing of his building, bombing of courtlandt and the verdict not in his favor are all destroying Roark and he has no control of it. This is killing...

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