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The Four Contemporary Approaches To Management And Their Relations To The Environments

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The four contemporary approaches to management and their relations to the environments

Before going through the four contemporary approaches to management, there is a need to understand what a management process is and how it works. Management is the process of reaching organizational goals by working with people and other organizational resources. It involves and concentrates on organizational goals, and is the series of continuing and related activities prepared with and through people and resources. There are four different contemporary approaches to management and in the following is the definitions of each, differences between them and comparison of their relations to their ...view middle of the document...

It is addressed the role of the external environment. The organization is viewed as an open system rather that a closed system (Chapter 2, 2013). Organizations are systems that transform inputs from the environment into outputs to the environment.
Open system is part of the systems theory management and is a set of processes which is influenced by the external environment (McGraw-Hill, 2013). It is called open system, because its processes can be changed due to external factors. Based on McGraw-Hill, regarding environments, an organization has an internal, a competitive and a macro environment. The internal environment of an organization is the set of employees, processes and components inside an organization. The competitive environment involves the organization and other organizations and players that compete in the market. The macro environment is influenced by other variables outside the organization and market such as political social, legal and technological variables and factors (Chapter 3, 2013).
The four contemporary approaches to management are related to the three environments mentioned above. The socio technical is relevant to the internal environment, because the focus of this approach to management is on the organization’s employees and their knowledge, training and tools inside the organization. The other contemporary...

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