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The Four Types Of Parenting Styles

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With over three hundred million Americans and over six billion people worldwide parenting skills are essential to maintain a healthy society. Parenting involves many aspects and requires many skills. It is a time to nurture, instruct, and correct to develop fundamental skills children will need to be mature, responsible, and contributing adults to a society. There are four commonly identified parenting styles; authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved parenting. Of the four parenting styles, two remain on opposite ends of the parenting spectrum. These two styles; authoritarian, and permissive both have deleterious results that are often visible throughout different ...view middle of the document...

Failure to demonstrate manners and thereby failing to demonstrate respect is often dealt with by strict disciplinary action. Unlike the authoritarian style of parenting, the permissive style does not place such great emphasis on adherence to manners. Manners may be encouraged but are not viewed as a sign of a child’s obedience. Permissive parents allow and often even encourage casual verbiage rather than formal conversations with their child. Failure to hold the door for the next person or giving up a seat to a woman or elderly is seldom noticed or mentioned. Permissive parents fail to enforce some of the simplest expressions of manners. Correction and punishment is seldom given to a child for lack of manners. According to children of permissive parents control their own behavior and to make their own decision. From infancy to adult, people are making decisions all day long. How long to study for the upcoming test? What sport to play? What college to attend? As choices are made, often goals are set to ensure maximum potential is achieved. This process of decision-making and goal setting is overbearing shadowed by the authoritarian style of parenting. Children rarely have an opportunity for open dialogue when decisions and goals are made. As children strive to achieve the targeted goals set by their parents, they are well aware that nothing less than perfect is acceptable. Failure to achieve goals results in parental disapproval and reprimand. In some circumstances parents withdraw support as a means of rebuke. This support may be emotional attachment, attendance of their child’s event, or even financial contributions to secondary education. Unlike that of the authoritarian style of parents, permissive parents are rarely involved in decision-making and goal setting. Failure to achieve the goals that are set results in unreasonable and infrequently adhered to punishments. Ignoring the signs of a child...

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