The Fugitive Film Analysis

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ASSIGNMENT: SCREENING REPORT 2While his character may appear less menacing and seem somewhat naïve at first glance, Harrison Ford's character in The Fighter, in the film known as Dr. Richard Kimble; his ultimate court mandate deems him guilty of killing his spouse. The camera tracks Richard in an emotional and anticipating sequence while he is taken to his new iron gated "home"; federal prison. The doctor wastes no time in allying with a small number of fellow inmates while on the transportation bus and ploy an escape. Their plan ultimately results in the impairment of the driver who turns off the road and causes the entire bus to fall into a steep valley off the road; the doctor ...view middle of the document...

In contrast, in the film, Dr. Kimble's flee from the state merely endures just a few hours and further locating fugitives is not necessarily conveyed as the primary objective of the film's attention.While The Fugitive is considered a police pursuit/ criminal chase film, the preceding scenes, which develop before the escape and pursuant chase, prove to be some of the best scenes of the film's entirety. Especially excellent are the scenes which are relevant to the murder trials, of which are about twenty minutes of prologue which are expertly edited to convey everything to the audience and intrigue them all at the same time. The audience however does not get a clear picture of the former romance or type of relationship between the Dr. and his dead wife (prior to her killing). What the film does share with the audience, convey to the audience is the profundity of the Dr.'s husband's loss; not only does he have to go on without his life partner but also in that he is accused of having caused her death altogether. The film develops so that the audience understands Dr. Kimble's character-archetype through such preliminary scenes, leading up to the final verdict at the near end of the film's development.Just after the beginning portion of the film, the audience is exposed to a portion of the film, which contains an exciting thrilling manhunt, specifically in the exhilarating chase of Dr. Kimble. The Fugitive does an amazing job in this initial chase scene and is successful in using cinematic techniques and styles to maintain the audience's feeling of suspense and excitement anticipating Dr. Kimble's ultimate fate. Significantly, while being pursued, Dr. Kimble's character is revealed to be rational and instead of personifying him to be a superman or have some other non-mortal attributes, the Dr. is simply portrayed as a smart member of the human race acting accordingly to the life or death situation he was in. The pursuers of the Dr. are...

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