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The Function And Roles Of Health Care Management

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The Functions and Roles of Health Care Management
Kandra Shearer
Phoenix University
May 5, 2014

In health care management there are many roles and applications that are used and this paper will discuss the four mayor functions and also how these functions apply to management positions. It will also explain the most important role for health care managers and the most significant aspect that is related to health care management that I wish to gain by taking this course.
The management field of any organization is filled with different roles and responsibilities. In order to better understand this position and its ...view middle of the document...

In the medical field a health care manager must recognize performance problems and opportunities, make good decisions, and also take appropriate action every day. They can accomplish this through a process called management (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, & Kramer, 2007,). This process has four functions and they are organizing, leading, controlling, and planning. It is important to understand that regardless of the title, level, type and setting all managers are responsible for these four functions. Broken down these functions can be better understood by everyone involved within the facility.
First off we will discuss organizing which is basically the process of assigning tasks, allocating valuable resources, and also both arranging and coordination individuals’ activities and group activities to help implement plans. With the help of organization health care managers can give shape to the complexity of the workplace (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, & Kramer, 2007,). The second function is planning and this is the process of setting up objectives in performance and then determining what actions should be taken to help accomplish them. With this step a manager can identify work results, make decisions, and lay the path for others to achieve better results.
The third function that we will be discussing is controlling. This function is the process in which one can measure work performance from everyone, compare results to objectives, and also take action as needed. Through this function a manager can maintain contact with all employees or individuals through the course of their work, gather and figure out reports on performance, and also use this information to help plan action and change (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, & Kramer, 2007, ). The last function that will be discussed is leading. This process allows for the arousal of individuals enthusiasm to work hard, fulfill plans, and also accomplish objectives. When managers use this function they help build commitments, encourage activities and even support goals of others. Now that we have an understanding of the four functions to management we can move on to the most important role of a health care manager and also what I wish to gain by taking this course.

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