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The Function Of Our Memory Essay

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Title: The Process of Memory

Reginald Singleton
Student ID: 21978330

February 13, 2015

Essentials of Psychology SSC130

Essay 25072400

You’re at a large gathering where family, friends, and people you are not familiar with are present. Some of the people there you’ve met once or twice before, and as you engage in conversation with them they use your name several times. You on the other hand, can’t recall any of their names, and this causes you much embarrassment.
Later you ask yourself, ‘why couldn’t I remember their names, it was less than 6 months ago when we all spent time together playing volleyball?’
The answer to that question might best be found ...view middle of the document...

Information can be stored into our long-term memory if we make it a matter of rehearsal. (Kvavilashvili & Fisher, 2007)
Once again, I can agree with this research, for the following reason. Before we had cell phones that stored our contacts, we had to manually enter a phone number when calling someone. I have been away from my childhood home for nearly 30 years, yet I can easily call to mind our home phone number, 568-1784. Interestingly enough however, is the fact that I cannot recall the area code. Why, one might ask? While growing up there, I rarely, if ever, had to call home from an area outside of the calling area. Thus, I did not apply to my long-term memory the application of rehearsal.
This leads us to another topic under the discussion of memory, memory modules. With this research it is believed that each component represents a separate memory system in the brain.
To better understand this philosophy, I once again would like to use a personal experience.
First, however, let’s define “declarative memory” and “procedural memory”.
Declarative: memory for factual information, such as names, faces, dates, etc.
Procedural: memory for skills and habits, like shooting a basketball, climbing a tree, and so forth.
At the outset of my paper, I make reference to a gathering of family and friends. The fact that I have stored information about my family and close associates over time, and perhaps have engaged in several types of recreational activities with them, indicates that my declarative memory was at work. Think of celebrating a...

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