The Future Of Video Calling Is Now

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I can still perfectly recall George Jetson been yelled by his boss Cosmo G. Spacely using video calling at the cartoon “The Jetson’s.” Ever since I watched this cartoon I was being enchanted by the idea of face-to-face conversations that challenge the barrier of been in different places. Other cartoons such as Dexter’s Laboratory or Superfriends reinforced the same idea -- In the future the traditional concept of phone conversation would not be confined to mere audio, but to vivid interactions with our counterpart. The future is already with us, and it has made cartoons’ technologies a reality.
“being yelled at by his boss, Cosmo…” “on the cartoon, …” Watch verb tenses “Ever since…I have ...view middle of the document...

Some real examples of how it helps might be good here – especially the facial expressions part.

When you travel you are not always online in front of a computer, but most of the time your mobile phone is within “one pocket” distance. Traditional video calling not only requires both users to be stuck in front of a computer, but also to schedule it. Nowadays, mobile phones give the users the flexibility to have video callings when they are “on the run”. Life’s unique moments cannot always wait for you to reach a computer. The first steps of your daughter, the reaction of your soul mate opening the gift you sent, or the relief to see the faces of your relatives after a natural disaster, definitely cannot wait for you to reach a computer.
“is in one of your pockets.” At this point, the reader might be wondering about your overall purpose. Are you comparing phone video conferencing with that of a computer? These are two very different things and I’m not sure you can compare them. And, if you do compare them, aren’t the differences obvious? What new are you going to tell your readers?

Mobile video calling is giving voices to deaf people. In 2009 I worked as a volunteer on the Deaflympics in Taipei. It was for me the first time I had closed contact with hearing-challenged people. I noticed that in order to communicate, they use a lot of facial expressions and a more extreme body language than me. It made me think. In an emergency situation, where we need to call and give an accurate description of what is happening, the Deaf person's options for obtaining assistance are severely jeopardized. With mobile video calling Deaf...

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