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The Gamma Knife Improves Treatment Of Brain Disorders

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The Gamma Knife Improves Treatment of Brain Disorders

Advanced treatment for brain tumors and brain disorders, the Gamma Knife is

a tool being utilized to treat thousands of functional brain disorders every year without the danger involved in invasive procedures.

Not many people can say they were up and about the same day after treatment of

a brain tumor. This is now possible with the Gamma Knife, a technology utilizing gamma rays to treat brain disorders successfully and with no incision. These requirements are essential when trying to treat the disorders in a sensitive organ as the brain, where millimeters may mean the difference between life or death or brain damage. ...view middle of the document...

With the Gamma Knife, all of these problems are greatly reduced. Tumors or blood vessel abnormalities are destroyed with 0.1 mm accuracy. Multiple tumors can be destroyed easily because the entire procedure is only about half an hour long. A person treated in this way can also return to daily activities in just a day or two. The success rate for controlling the tumor growth is 85 to 90 percent.

The Gamma Knife technology does not involve a knife at all. It is a 20-ton

machine with the active parts being 201 sources of radioactive cobalt-60. These gamma rays from the cobalt-60 sources converge on the targeted tissue and destroy it. The surrounding part of the brain is left unaffected because the individual beams are not strong enough to destroy tissue that is passed through on the way to the target. The combined effect of the 201 beams is strong enough to destroy the abnormality in about 30 minutes though. The gamma rays are directed by sophisticated computer technology, thereby eliminating the sources of error that are encountered during invasive procedure by surgeons operating manually.

The Gamma Knife was developed as a tool to improve cranial operations. Private entrepreneurs are already known to have...

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