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The Gift Original Writing Essay

1340 words - 6 pages

The Gift - Original Writing

Kevin was playing on the edge of a meadow, happy to be in the sunshine
and out of the house. His Dad wasn't well and it worried him.

When a large dragon fly landed on a flower, he tried to get closer.
Startled, the insect darted towards the meadow's deepest part. Kevin
rushed after it so quickly that he didn't see the log lying just
ahead. One Nike smacked into it with a thud, launching him into the
air and tumbling him into the grass. He and a dandelion had just
nodded hello to each other when he heard a tiny voice.

"Clumsy, that's all, just plain clumsy!"

It was coming from the other side of the log. He rose slowly ...view middle of the document...

Good thing he was taking a break when I fell into it. Good
thing it was soft, too."

She stopped, cocked her head slightly, and studied Kevin. "He looked a
lot like you." She studied him a moment longer before resuming her
walk. "Anyway, I had to stand before the council and explain what
happened. Looks like I'll be paying the council another visit to
explain this one."

She stopped and looked up, her circular path suddenly sprouting into
miniature white daisies. "What did you say your name was?"

"I didn't, but it's Kevin. Who are you?" Kevin rested his head on his
arms as he leaned across the log.

"Guirella. That's the name the council gave me. I know your next
question. You want to know WHAT I am. That's almost an insult. How'd
you feel if someone asked you what YOU are? Never mind. I'm a meadow
fairy, not a city fairy. They lead a horrible life--all that traffic
and having to keep out of the way of everything. Hard to stay hidden
in the city, but they manage."

"A real fairy?" Kevin couldn't believe it.

"No", she replied dryly. "I'm really a dragon fly with plastic
surgery. OF COURSE I'M REAL!! Can't you believe your eyes!"

"I'm sorry," Kevin said. "What happens now?" His look of bewilderment
made Guirella laugh.

"Oh, it's not all that bad. If you tell anybody about me, they'll just
think you're crazy. I'm thinking, however, that you're a nice kid who
can keep a secret. The rules of the council require that I give you
something in exchange for your promise of silence. Anything in
particular gnawing at you that you just have to have?"

Kevin blinked. "Anything?"

"Anything within reason. I can't give you the moon in a jar. That
would upset things too much. Well?"

Kevin thought. A new bike would be nice, or even some roller blades!
But--reluctant as he was to share a family problem with a stranger, he
plunged ahead.

"Dad's been sick. Mom says he doesn't have much energy and the doctors
think there's something wrong with his blood. If he was strong again
he could work, and Mom wouldn't have to wait tables. Can you make him

Guirella smiled. "You're all right, Kevin."

A wooden box, about six inches long and two inches wide, appeared at
her feet.

"Take this box home and make sure only your father opens it. There's
something inside that should do the trick," she told him.

Kevin reached down and picked it up. "Thanks, Guirella. I sure hope
this works!"

"It will. Remember, the gift is in exchange for your silence. Have a
good life," she smiled.

A gust of wind blew through the meadow. Guirella spread her wings and

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