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The Giver Compared To Silent Running

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The Giver Compared to Silent Running

The movie Silent Running produced by Douglas Trumbull is very
comparable to the book, The Giver, written by Lois Lowry. Throughout
the movie many things can be related to the book. The two main
characters are very similar to one another. This raises many related
actions among the two of them. However the book was easier to follow
than the movie was the movie was very hard to understand, many times
it left the viewer questioning what the message of the movie was. Both
the movie and book expressed various ways of what the future may
behold for people.

A similarity of the two that is not as obvious is that both main
characters (Lowell and Jonas) try to save something that is to be
destroyed. Jonas learns ...view middle of the document...

After he realizes that there is a ship from earth
that has found him and wants to board his ship he does some quick
thinking and decides to leave one drone on the forest and detach it
from the ship and blow the ship up.

A few of the obvious comparisons are the fact that everything in the
world is controlled. The temperature remains the same in both the book
and the novel. No matter where you go the temperature does not change.
Each person is assigned a different duty. In The Giver Jonas is

Hilgers 2

assigned to become the next receiver of memory and in the movie Lowell
is the keeper of the forests. There is not a ruler or King, however
there is a committee that acts as the presiding rulers of the
community. Both characters end their quests in similar ways. Lowell
sends off the forest and commits suicide. Jonas takes Gabriel, runs
away, when he reaches a hill he finds a sled and slides down the hill,
and the story ends suddenly.

The receiver of memory and Lowell also can be related because they are
the only people in their respective communities that can remember a
time when there were wars and the nature was beautiful. No one else in
the entire "community" has any memory of what life was like before an
outside force controlled everything.

There are some obvious comparisons that you can make as well as some
not so obvious ones, which you have to look deep down to find. The
movie Silent Running and the book The Giver is two completely
different objects that can be related fairly easy. I did not like how
the movie presented the subject of a controlled world but I dealt with
it and the book really did a good job of presenting the topic of
controlled society. The idea of a controlled society is just one
example of how peopling think the world may be in the future.

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