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In the memoir, The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls considers her father as a person who makes poor decisions that affect her family and herself negatively. Walls discussed the conflict of her father through alcoholism and a responsibility as a father throughout this memoir.

The author mentions her dad, Rex Walls, as a provider, which views her dad takes some part duty as a dad. He does not recognize his children true living conditions without their full support. When her “[dad] noticed that [his kids does not] carry lunch bags [to school],” it made him “acted outraged” (Walls 77). This shows Rex has a way of thinking for his children which Jeannette views to be the first time Rex sees ...view middle of the document...

Like when Rex tries to “stop drinking” and he would “die trying” for Jeannette. This exhibits Rex who would try for his family’s wish. He seem to care for his children especially Jeannette, because he express more dad’s love towards her than his other siblings. When he is giving up drinking, it would torture him if he is giving up what he is addicted to. What he did means a lot to him. The reader understands that Rex is trying to fight his own demon inside of him for his family as he is resisting a horrific habit that caused him to keeps on impacting violently. The author response to her father alcoholic is ashamed but she sees him trying and he still has courage to try to stop his devastation.

Walls want the world to understand that her father has a negative impact on other people when Rex wants to argue on what he believed in. For example, Rex Walls debated “[with] the priest” about the religious belief of God” (Walls 268). This shows that especially the religion, anyone can be right and if someone as opinion about it or debate about it, then it is fine for Rex. The reader understands from Jeannette point of view that Rex is an intelligent person who has well evidence for his response. Therefore, Jeanette hated when Rex does not accept the fact about what is happening. The author tells the other people about Rex Walls is that he has a habit of getting what he wanted and taking and advantage of his children. This reveals Rex treated Jeannette so well that she seems to have a soft side for him. Rex “simply waited for [Jeannette] to fork over cash as if he knew [she] did not have it in [her] to say no” (Walls 209). Jeannette looks up to her dad ever since she was young, so that is why she cannot reject her dad’s request. The reader thinks Rex is a very hard person to deal and he would control or hypnotized his opponent so that he could win over what he is trying to get. Walls might feel ashamed of her dad because he had let her down, but she...

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