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The Good Fuhrer Essay

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The Good FuhrerIn today's society,when people need an example of a villain,a lot of the time they use Hitler.Adolf Hitler was the ruler of Germany from 1934-1945.Hitler was one of Germany's most successful leaders,and is most known for his attempt at a Genocide of the Jewish people.This genocide is often called The Holocaust.During the Holocaust,Hitler killed more than 11 million people,including 6 million Jews.Fortunately,this is not all Hitler did.He also did many other great things for Germany,as well as the rest of the world,that are ignored by people today.Hitler was a very charismatic man.He knew this,and used this trait to do many things to first help Germany.Torn apart from the ...view middle of the document...

(Shier)Hitler was a chronic hypochondriac.He was constantly diagnosing himself with diseases,most of which were intestinal. (Kersey)Hitler also disliked smoking.Hitler was the fist leader of the time to ban smoking on buses and trains.Germany was also the first country,under Hitler's reign,to establish a definite link between smoking and Lung cancer.Hitler also made it against the law for tobacco companies to portray smoking as masculine or glamorous.He also outlawed cigarette adds that were associated with sports or auto racing.He called his actions against smoking "'The beginning of the end'ofthe vice that fouled the lungs and sapped the moral character of the master race." (Yancey)Hitler was responsible for some of the greatest advances in technology and science the world has ever seen . Though this may not seem like a positive thing , his weapons advancements led to rocketry as we know it today . Hitler ' s scientists created the V-2 Rocket , which was the first man-made object to ever achieve sub-orbital spaceflight . (Dornberger) Besides this , they also created the first cruise missile . Hitler was responsible for the first jet plane as well . Other nations had been playing around with the jet engine technology for a while , but it was Hitler who approved many of the projects in Germany involving them . In 1943 , Germany successfully created their first working jet bombers and fighters . Their success with the program forced the Allied Forces to copy the German designs and create their own Jet Planes . (Perrya)Besides all these good things he did,it's possible that Hitler wasn't as bad as mostpeoplebelieve either.Yes,he did persecute the Jewish people,but it's also true that the Allies took some major liberties with the truth during their postwar propaganda.In a 1992 documentary,the Director of the Auschwitz State Museum admitted that the building they display as a gas chamber was actually created by the Soviets and the Polish after the war.At Dachau,the case is very similar.The gas chamber displayed there was created by the U.S.For propaganda purposes.In fact,the Dachau Museum in Munich admitted that the claims of people being gassed there were completely unfounded.The Officials of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum also admitted that the Soviet Union created fake footage of "Nazis" gassing small children.According to theMuseums Director of the Department of Film and Video,the "Nazis" in the video were really Soviet soldiers in German uniforms pretending to gas the children to create a film that could be used against the Germans at the Nuremberg Trial. ( Why...

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