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The Good Life Essay

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. While we may not be completely wrong, we have to understand that there may be more to a situation than we think. A substantial amount of mental contemplation is required if we want to be able to think as deeply about these topics as is required in order to understand a good life.
Self: Sensitivity: Composure
Composure can be defined as the state of being calm and in control of oneself. Composure is an essential piece to living a good life because many times in life, situations do not turn out as hoped for or as planned, which may easily cause someone to lose their cool. Being composed does not mean that a person cannot be angry or upset; it simply means being able to control one’s ...view middle of the document...

Not once did Vladimir and Estragon break down and decide to give up. They lived a good life by fulfilling their duty of coming to that spot every day. Without composure, they would have deserted their duty and therefore been unable to attain the state of living a good life.
Self: Sensitivity: Gratitude
We hear the saying “Count your blessings” quite often. But what does this really mean? We obviously cannot literally “count” our blessings. Who should we thank for all of the things we have? There is the clear “Thank you” to the person who gave you the thing you are grateful for, but is there someone or something more than that? No matter what we believe individually about whom to thank, we must all give thanks in some way or another.
I feel so blessed each and every day that I wake up, knowing that there are other people that do not even get to see today. While I do try to thank God and my parents and all of the other people that I am thankful for every day, it is not always easy. We as humans all have some sort of an ego; whether it is big or small. I believe that, relatively, the size of a person’s ego is reflective upon the amount of thanks that that person gives. I know that some individuals feel that expressing gratitude is a type of weakness; I could not disagree more. Giving thanks is one of the best ways for me to show that I appreciate what fortune has given me. I strongly agree with Lady Philosophy’s view on karma. She believes that if a person is fortunate and is rewarded with good things, that person has to in turn be thankful for those things and use them in positive ways. On the other hand, if a person does not use his or her gifts wisely and/or forgets to express their gratitude, then that person will eventually be punished by the bad side of karma. For me to live a good life, I have to be on the good side of karma. I must not brag about my gifts or act like I have any right to keep them. Fortune can take anything away from me at any time, which is why I try my best to be a good person in order to keep as many of them as I can. A grateful person will be more likely to live a good life than an ungrateful person; the path I should choose to take is a rather obvious choice.
Self: Sensitivity: Confidence
Confidence is an important rung on the metaphorical ladder leading up to the good life. In fact, confidence enables us to do many things that we would not ordinarily be able to do. Confidence leads to success, and success leads to a good life; but there is such a thing as too much confidence. We must be mature enough to know when having confidence switches over into building an ego. While confidence helps us achieve success, egos only tear us down.
Without confidence, it can be difficult for a person to be ambitious and get out and try new things. I believe that being confident enables me to be the best person I can be, and also to accomplish everything I possibly can. A person with a low level of confidence will almost never be...

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