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The Great C Essay

2981 words - 12 pages

Before I knew the hurtful truth, before I knew that something is actually going on, before I knew that my life will not be the same anymore, I never really appreciate any lyrics to the bits. I've always thought that I had faced real hardships, ordeal and lots of tests in my life. But I was totally proven wrong this time. Lying on my bed doing nothing and just staring at the ceiling, I decided to put on my iPod. While choosing the songs in my iPod, by coincidence I came across Bleed by Hot Chelle Rae, my all-time favourite song ever and decided to hear that song for now. 'I feel like I'm drowning in ice water. My lips have turned to shades of blue. I'm frozen with this fear that you may ...view middle of the document...

“Yes! Let’s go. I’ll choose the place okay?” And with that my sister started to drive the car to our destination. That night, while preparing our beds, I asked the same questions again.
“Kara, you did not answer my questions yet. Why are you back in Malaysia at this time of the year? Shouldn’t you be back like another 5 months? How about your lectures in your college? Or did you dropped out from college?” Again, I hungrily asked her questions.
“Nah, I just felt like coming back. I miss home. I miss mom, dad and you. I miss Jemah and most of all I miss all those Malaysian food. For all you know, I did not dropped out from school okay. Mom and dad would be furious if I ever did that. And why did you kept on asking the same questions all over again? As if it is wrong for me to come back.”
“I’m not saying that it is wrong for you to come back home but it feels weird you know. All of a sudden, you are already here. Not like before, you will call before coming back.”
“Haha, I know. It feels weird for me too. Wait, where is Jemah? I haven’t seen her all day long.”
“Oh, I forgot to tell you. She died few weeks ago. She was hmm ….. hit by a car. Mom cried all day because of her. I helped dad buried her in the backyard.”
“Well that explains her non-existence. Usually she would brushed up herself against my legs. Poor cat huh. Zara, I think I’m heading for bed first. I’m still fatigue from the jet lag. Good night.”
I also decided to sleep after a few minutes. But curiosity still lingered in my mind. Why was my sister acting so strange and bizarre? Normally if I asked her questions, she would answer them truly but just now, she acted like I was the one asking such weird questions. She also tried to run away from answering my questions. Her change of behaviors made me felt like something was actually going on and I will not like that thing.

After a few days, life was going on as usual. Nothing weird happened until that particular night. That night, the moment that I know I will not forget forever. When I was watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ at the dining room, I heard three different voices coming from my parents’ room. I lowered down the television’s voice and discreetly eavesdropped to their conversations.
“But Kara, are you sure you don’t want Zara to know about this? I think it is best if you tell her yourself as soon as possible you know. At least she won’t be feeling too left out.” I was taken aback when I heard the thing about my mom was saying. Multifarious thoughts jumped straight right into my mind. What are they talking about? Is it about my sister or someone else? Is she sick or what? I decided to continue to eavesdrop.
“I know mom, dad. I just don’t know how to tell her without hurting her feelings. I’m afraid that she could not accept the fact that I have brain cancer. I just could not imagine the way she will react to this fact. When adik died, that affected her a lot. I can still remember that day. She...

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