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The Great Depression: Its Effect On Society

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What is a depression? It's an economic slump, a time of hardship. One such economic slump happened in the United States, and it was quite hard on the people. It was called the 'Great Depression' and it lasted about twenty years, from 1920 to 1940. This event, the Great Depression, changed the United States' society and culture by the spread of poverty, increased discrimination, and how people banded together within their communities to help one another.

There are a few things that caused the Great Depression. A few of them are the stock market crash, an uneven distribution of wealth, and the Hawley-Smoot Tarriff Act of 1930. By early 1928, there were warning bells began to sound in the ...view middle of the document...

S., as reported in the 1890 census, but this was later replaced by a cap of 150,000 immigrants annually.

The strain on society, spread of poverty, and increasing racial discrimination changed this country socially and culturally. “Hoovervilles”, or crudely built camps that were put up on the edges of towns that held the homeless and penniless, were being constructed all over. Some families were able to stay out of Hoovervilles by staying with friends or family that haven't been evicted yet. Those people were the lucky ones. The others were residing in shacks due to the distressing state of the economy. This also put a strain on society – the Hoovervilles were full of unhealthy people, unable to properly wash themselves or their clothing and they were unable to treat themselves properly due to their lack of money. It impacted the health of the people. For the lucky ones who weren't in Hoovervilles, strain was put upon them to bring in more money for their family and have no treats, such as going to the theater or having snacks like ice cream. All their money would have to go to just feeding, clothing, and taking care of the needs of the family, not the wants. Discrimination also got worse because if an African American man were to get a job, he would be “stealing” a white man's job. That went the same for all the other races within the country.

On another note,...

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