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The Great Divide Indigenous Health And Federal Government Policy

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The Great Divide Indigenous Health and Federal Government Policy
Closing the Gap
The ‘closing the gap’ is a strategy whose aims are to give a boost to the indigenous people life expectancy rates. This policy was made in reference to the sensitive areas of child mortality, life expectancy, early childhood education, achievements in education and the employment opportunities of the indigenous communities of Australia. It was endorsed by the Australian government in 2008 to close the formal gap between the indigenous communities of Australia and the ‘white’ communities and bring a sense of social justice to all ...view middle of the document...

This was a respond to the constant attention the reforms to the indigenous sectors was getting at the time. This saw the ‘gap’ become an important item on all of the COAG meetings that followed thereafter.
The COAG prides itself in addressing these targets: Closing up the life expectancy gap in the generation and see to it that children receive access to education early in life. It also seeks to reduce by over a half the gap in mortality rate and children’s numeracy, reading and writing achievements by the year 2020. In addition, the employment outcome expected of the indigenous people is expected to also be increased by over half within the time span of a decade.
In addressing these targets, the COAG decided to set aside over 4.5 billion dollar shillings to cater for the implementation of the ‘closing the Gap’. Remote service delivery, early childhood education, health and housing are some of the sectors that have benefited from this money. Both the corporate and community sectors also committed to the project an talks about a representative body for the indigenous community is became underway and a name for the group was proposed; he National Congress of the Australia’s First People (Murphy 2012).

The Northern Territory Intervention
On the sat of 21st June, 2007, the Australian Government introduces a series of reforms and incentives that were to take effect in the Northern territory of the Aboriginal communities (Brough, 2007). They were set to address the issues of the Aboriginal child and issues of violence and abuse affecting it. The government described the situation as a national emergency and measures to stabilize the Aboriginal child and protect it were set in place. The measures were to be designed to ensure that the aboriginal child was protected from harm and the cultural and legal landscapes were shifted to accommodate the welfare of the aboriginal child (Anderson and Wild, 2007). The measure to be introduced included:
- Restriction on alcohol in the Northern Territory Aboriginal Land. This was put in place to reduce significantly the chances of child abuse. The money spent on abusing drugs and d substances could also now go into doing more constructive and beneficial things like taking the children to school and ensuring their welfare.
- School attendance was also enforced for children of the Northern Aboriginal lands by offering families with assistance to take their children to school. Meals were also provided for the children in school.
- Health checks were made compulsory for all children in the Northern Aboriginal land. This way, they could identify any form of abuse on a child (Boffa, Bella, Davies, Paterson, and Cooper D 2007).
- Land was also given by the Australian Government on a five year lease basis which was a very just compensation for the Aboriginal people.
The level of awareness about the policy in the Northern Aboriginal land was a thing of...

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