The Great Wall Of China Essay

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Lesson 15

1 Construction started on the Great Wall of China in 200 BC. In 1639 Shoguns closed Japan to the world. Ok. In 1854 Japan opens its ports to foreign trade.

2 The relative location of the North China plain is very close to the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and South China Sea. The largest area was brown, which meant 7000 feet above sea level.

3 Sloping land is terraced so when it rains the water is distributed evenly and not just gushed down onto the poor little plants. IT also holds the soil in place so that farmers can plant crops without worry about sliding down in mud and disgrace.

4 What factors contributed to the diversity of religion in China? The same thing as with ...view middle of the document...

This system of choosing officials lasted until the early 1900.

Sounds good to me. Much more fair and all that stuff, ; it is good to give everyone an equal opportunity and hold no prejudices. I think we need to have more of a system like this but until I rule the world this is not going to be the case.

7 I would guess that discovery of sea routes would make lives much easier for those poor souls of the people who had to traverse the epic route of (NOT) fame and fortune of the Silk Road.
Yes, basically, the discovery of sea routes would have diminished the importance of the Silk Road as the primary trade route between China and Europe, because sea travel was quicker and less dangerous.

AHH…Confucius say…man who stands on toilet…is high on pot. Fuahahahaha!
Let’s see, how do I compose a delicate response to an indelicate comment, however clever? This is not appropriate for these lessons, period.

NOTE: This lesson (#15) is missing its Main Assignment: Write a 1-2 page dialogue in which speakers debate whether Confucian ideas would support American democracy.

Lesson 16

1 The Japanese had a “sphere” of influence in china. The greatest influence was Russia (AND I MEASURED THE PAPER), though at first glance it looks like the British got it but square mile for square mile the Russian’s got it made.

2 Excellent discussion content in this response! Demand for Asian products drove Western imperialists to seek possession of Southeast Asian lands. European nations also grabbed land in Southeast E Asia and the islands on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. They wanted the area for its resources and because it was close to China. The United States joined this quest for colonies.
European powers found that these lands were good for growing such cash crops as sugar, coffee, cocoa, rubber, and fruit. As trade in these items grew, Europeans moved to take more land. The Dutch ran Indonesia, where their settlers remained at the top of society. The British took the port of Singapore plus Malaysia and Burma (modern Myanmar). Needing workers, the British brought many Chinese to Malaysia. France grabbed Indochina (modern Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam). They made farmers grow rice for export. Because most of the rice was shipped away, the farmers had less to eat even though they were growing more rice than before. One land-Siam (modern Thailand)stayed independent. King Mongkut and his son modernized Siam without giving up power.

Colonialism brought some features of modern life to these regions. However, economic changes benefited European-run businesses, not local people. The native peoples did benefit from better schooling, health, and cleanliness. Plantation farming brought millions of people from other areas to Southeast Asia. The mix of cultures and religions did not always go smoothly. Even today, some conflict between groups results from this period....

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