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The Greatest Speaker Of His Time

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After World War II Germany was going through a crisis, they needed someone to step up and lead them to greatness, who would it be? Adolph Hitler, maybe one of the greatest public speakers of his time was their man to lead them. Hitler had a way with words making people believe whatever he said was true. Although Hitler did a lot for Germany not all of his accomplishments were good. Hitler led Germany through World War II occupying many countries, took Germany out of its worse slump it’s ever been in, and started one of the most horrific events of its time know as the Holocaust.
Hitler gained control of many countries throughout World War II. In September 1939 Hitler invaded Poland which began World War II. Hitler was a successful leader whether it was by force or through scare tactics; he knew ...view middle of the document...

Hitler stepped up and made people realize it was not there faults. Hitler came up with new ideas, and reinforcement of old laws to help out its economy like Hitler argued that for the German woman her "world is her husband, her family, her children, and her home." This policy was reinforced by marking the Cross of Honor of the German Mother on women bearing four or more babies. The unemployment rate was cut enormously, mostly through arms production and sending women home so that men could take their jobs. Given this, claims that the German economy achieved near full employment Hitler also oversaw one of the largest infrastructure-improvement campaigns in German history, with the construction of dozens of dams, autobahns, railroads, and other civil works. Hitler also decided everyone who was not the typical blonde hair blue eyes German was to blame for these problems mainly the Jews starting one major event called the holocaust.
Hitler was the main reason the holocaust began, one of the biggest genocides in history. After blaming everything on the Jews Hitler put millions of Jews in concentration camps killing them in terrifying ways. Many were killed right when they arrived to the camps, the women children and old people were slaughtered rite away he believed they were useless. There were many ways he exterminated the Jews from starving them to putting mass amounts in a gas chamber. Hitler never spoke of these camps to this day there are still people who think it never happened, but to this day the holocaust changed many Jews lives.
After doing so much for Germany in World War II, taking them from rags to riches, and causing one of the biggest genocides, some would say Hitler was a hero others would say he’s a monster . To this day if Hitler was never born Germany would never have been the same whether it was for good or worse.

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