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The Greatness Of Individuals Can Be Decided Only By Those Who Live After Them, Not By Their Contemporaries

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History is made by man. Ideas, actions, as well as contributions of individuals framed our history, mold our modern society and will continue exert great influences on the future. The speaker maintains that the greatness of individuals could only be decides by their descendants rather than their contemporaries. While I partly agree with his/her idea that future generation could arrive at a better conclusion about the greatness of individuals' effect on the world, I withhold my agreement with the speaker's point that contemporaries do not have a say towards the greatness of individuals. As far as I am concerned, not only people who live after great men, but also their contemporaries have the ...view middle of the document...

Having donated part of his money to Gates Foundation, he will not only be remembered by the persons who have benefited from his contribution, but also by his descendants. Therefore, in political as well as commercial arena, individuals' greatness could be immediately seen due to the effectiveness and practicality of their great deeds.

However, in other fields as science and arts, people's greatness would not be easily acknowledged and appreciated because the value of not only science but also arts is not only face value---whether they are truly of great value needs to stand the test of time. One example in the scientific world that at once pops up into mind is Albert Einstein, the greatest theoretical physicist in America in twentieth century. People at twenty-first century would surely, due to his great discovery of general theory of relativity which is the milestone in the history of scientific development, crown him to be the father of physics. Nonetheless, when he firstly wrote the draft of general theory of relativity, scientists at his age satirically condemned his idea to be weird and naive. The reason for their ridicule is obvious: they were unable to understand the mind of a master due to the restricted condition of the time. However, as time elapsed and human-being's eyesight greatly expanded, people who lived after Einstein gradually found out the value of this great discovery. In the artistic scope, the person that was firstly despised but later greatly lauded is, as I can recall, Van Gogh. When his masterpiece Sunflower was firstly drawn, no one could appreciate it. What was worse, this piece of treasure, at that time, was not even worth a penny. The genius was even undergoing hunger and poverty. Only after his lifetime has his master been recognized as one of the greatest masterpiece in artistic...

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