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The Handkerchief Essay

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The handkerchief is significant in the plot of Othello, influencing and affecting multiple characters in the play. It is pivotal in the plot arguably being the final hit to Othello's dignity ultimately causing his inevitable downfall. The handkerchief can also be seen as the tool of destruction that Iago cruelly uses to initiate the final part of his evil plan.
The handkerchief represents many different things for many characters in the play. We see it represent to Othello his love of Desdemona being his first gift to her and later in the play representing his suspicion of Desdemona in regards to her fidelity. The handkerchief is hugely significant with Othello as we see him view it as true ...view middle of the document...

The handkerchief is also significant in the fact as it allows Iago to proceed on with the final part of his plan, And it could be argued with how easy he convinced Othello, He could have faith on his side.
In regards to Desdemona the handkerchief is significant in the fact it was her first gift from Othello. She cherishes it and it is a symbol of their love. The reader sees her kissing it.Even using it as a substitute for Othello when he is not around, as well as treating it as a child would a comfort blanket. This shows us how much the handkerchief means to Desdemona and how she truly cherishes and appreciates it. Othello tells her that the handkerchief has magical properties. He says if it is lost the bearer of the handkerchief would stop loving his or her lover. This is significant as you can see Desdemona truly worried by this and becoming scared. The talk of its magical properties is too much too handle for Desdemona, She seems to accept what Othello says as the truth. This shows her to be superstitious. The handkerchief also showcases Othello's changing attitude to things. In the first parts the reader sees that Othello rational but during these scenes we see Othello superstitious believing in magic and it could be argued we are seeing Othello's primitive beliefs for the first time in the play, which remained hidden earlier in the play.
Furthermore the handkerchief...

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