The Harms On Child Adobtment Essay

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The Harm of Child Abandonment

Ismael Rodriguez

English 4
Ms. Ramos
May 6, 2015

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Child abandonment occurs everywhere around the world. There is different type of abandonment the main abandonment’s are leaving the child with another person or abandoning child with any support. Even if the abandonment was during childhood it still affects the child later on into their future as an adult. Either by leaving its own child or neglecting them with their attention. On page 76 it gives a perfect example on how parents neglect their children “They are sending Ben away because he isn’t really one of us”. Also on page 80 “When people dump their kids here, they don’t come and see them after.”
Majority of the time child abandonment occurs when a parent, guardian, or person in charge leaves its spouse without any regard for the child’s physical ...view middle of the document...

Most of the time they look for that attention since they feel as if they don’t fit in. when being neglected by their own parents due to them either being always at work can make a child feel that he/ she is not important. There have been many cases where the parents neglect their children for also to use drugs. Many cases have gone around the united states that children are neglected from their parents attention because they are all hooked on drugs leading the child into a wrong path.
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There’s other option if people don’t want to keep their child. The first option is if parents don’t want keep their child they can surrender their infants to a hospital emergency. Another is they could take their child to a fire station so this could prevent parents from abandoning their children in bushes or in trash bins. They also have a cps that would go into a home to take away a child for any reason abuse or mental abuse and put the child in a foster home. They would even grab a garbage bag and put the kid’s belongings in there, take them to a foster home. It’s hard on a child’s life when they are separated from a parent.
Unfortunately, some people do oppose of this. Some parents think they can do anything they want since it’s their child. Also they think it’s ok because that’s the way they discipline them. I think that it’s wrong for a parent to abandon their child because there individuals they can’t do what they want with them. When a child is born the guardian are just there protectors.

In conclusion, child abandonment can lead to harm or even death. I don’t understand why parents can do such things. Just knowing it’s their own flesh blood. There are other options if people don’t want to keep their child. Instead of abusing them, or abandoning their child on their own. It’s just so sad that for any reason to take a child away from a fit parent because you think they’ll be better off somewhere else. People say when we throw away our children we throw away our future. So this is why child abandonment should be stopped.


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